Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Get Rid of Computer Strain

computer vision syndromeSpending long hours before the computer screen is more of a norm rather an exception. Even when you have left office there is little respite from the computer screen, because there are so many sites to surf, friends to connect, music to download and videos to watch.  All this makes your eyes tired and it begins to complain. They feel heavy, will sting and you might have difficulty in focusing on an object. Headache, pain in the neck and shoulders can accompany these symptoms too.

What causes eye strain

Less of Blinking—Blinking is the natural reflex of eyes to keep it moist and wet. When you work on computers you blink less than the normal. The normal blink rate in human eyes is 16–20 per minute. Studies have shown that the blink rate decreases to as low as 6–8 blinks/minute for persons working on the computer screen. Obviously, this causes dry eyes.

Short Focus–Also when you work on computers you focus on short distance for a long time. This tires the ciliary muscles. Ciliary muscles are a ring of smooth muscle fibers that is responsible for changing the shape of the lens in the eye which helps us see distant and close objects.

What should you do

1. Follow the rule of 20—Opthalmologists suggest that if you work on computers, every twenty minutes you should focus on an object that is twenty metres away for twenty seconds.
2. Take eye breaks—avoid working long hours on your computer screen. Schedule your day in such a way that there is room for breaks from the computer screen. During the break close your eyes for twenty seconds. This has the same effect as the “Rule of 20”
3. Lights—your eyes will tire easily if the lighting is not adequate at your work station. If needed get an extra over head light installed.

4. Anti-glare screen–Either get an anti-glare screen for your computer or buy a pair of anti-glare glasses to cut down the

5. Eye drops—Artificial tears can help lubricate dry eyes. You should not buy an eye drop on your own. Rather seek the advice of an ophthalmologist. All eye drops should be discarded after one month of opening of the bottle.


Eye exercises

1. Rotate your eye balls–after every two hours of work on the computer screen, you need to close your eyes and try to rotate your eye balls in the clock wise and anti clock wise direction. Do it three times before you get back to work.

2. Palming–you should also try to cover your eyes with your palm for a minute. It helps relieve the eye strain.

3. Eye mask—thinly sliced cucumber slices, frozen tea bags when put on the eyes refreshes tired eyes.

Follow these tips and take care of your eyes.

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