Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Pay Attention to Your Posture

Your mom must have told you a hundred times that you should sit straight. Follow her advice. Do not slouch on the chair while working on the desktop. Your perennially stiff shoulders will begin to fade and your double chin will make a disappearing act too. There are many more reasons you should pay extra attention on your body posture.

Know About Common Posture Problems

If you are someone who mostly slump or do not sit straight most of time while talking, walking or performing other activities then you may end up welcoming scoliosis, kyphosis or lordosis  in  the long run.

  • Scolosis is a condition in which there is a curvature of spine to one side; in severe forms, the bones of the back form an S-curve when viewed from behind.
  • Kyphosis: The spine can also curve from front to back, a term called “kyphosis” (excessive backward curvature of the mid-section of the spine). In fact, many people with osteoporosis have “kyphoscoliosis” which combines two of these terms to describe the simultaneous curvature from side to side and front to back.
  • Lordosis: When you get excessive forward curvature of the lower back and neck portions of the spine it is called lordosis.

These forms of scoliosis occur mostly in young people, especially adolescent girls, due to their ignorance to carrying correct body posture. Also, one must remember that if you are once hit by this condition it bards you to indulge in many fun filled activities like swimming for your lifetime. So never miss to pay attention to your posture.

3 Basic moves to correct your posture

Work out ‘Moutain’: Start in a standing position, place your palms facing outwards and stretch your arms. This pose helps your body stand tall and strong.

Opt for ‘Spinal Extension’: Lie on your stomach with your hands by your shoulders, gently press your hands into the floor, while elevating the chest and arching the spine. Hold this pose for three breaths before lowering. Repeat 10 times

Practice Plank: Elevate your body into a “table top” position, resting on your forearms and toes. You can modify this pose by lowering knees to the floor. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat three times

Remember, getting good posture starts with stretching daily, targeting the muscles and body parts that need work and taking a break from your chair several times a day. So get start today to stand straight!

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