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Hair Hues One Should Use

As you age, you may find yourself wanting a new look, a change, something to update your style. However, often by the time you have reached a mature age, you have found a hairstyle that flatters you and compliments your features. You can use hair color to freshen up your style and subtly or dramatically change your appearance. Yes, hair color is one of those things that can transform the way you look and feel. It is a simple solution that can make dramatic results to make you look younger. However beware though, as there are hair colors that can even age your appearance and make you look tired. So the best way is to know the trick to choose the right colour before any experimentation. Guardian Health Chronicle give you advice and help for a beautiful new color.

Technique to choose the right hair colour

You must concentrate to recognize your skin tone and eye hue and then accordingly select a hair hue suiting to your overall makeover.  Check here:

 Skin Tone Light Eyes Dark Eyes
Olive Skin You should use a honey tone. Anything that is warmer tends to look orange. Use a rich, chocolate brown with caramel highlights—this complements the skin tone beautifully!
Pale Skin Go for a more baby blond—light eyes match baby blond better. Go with a golden blond—golden tones will help you look refreshed, while baby blonde with dark eyes makes you look tired.
Dark Skin A chestnut color will be perfect to help bring out the contrast. Choose a color like chocolate brown. Anything lighter will look too fake.
Red Undertones Go with a copper color—this looks more natural. If you use too dark of a color, it will make you look sallow. Use a medium ash brown color—this will help the skin look more refreshed rather than very red.

Remember, color your hair for gray coverage in a shade that is about one shade lighter than the overall color you are wearing at this time and it will take away the dreary gray and transform those strand into subtle yet glowing highlights.

Some more tips to remember always:

Before you make the change, keep in mind the following hair color tips for senior women:

  • If in doubt, seek the opinion of a professional. They are trained in color techniques and will be able to recommend what works best on your particular hair type and color.
  • Gray hair may be more difficult to color due to its texture. Gray hair is coarser in texture and may not take color as easily as hair with pigment. You may need to use a different coloring technique for best results.
  • Keep your color soft and go for a natural tone.
  • Ask your friends what color hair they feel is more flattering on you.
  • Look at hairstyle magazines for colors you might like. Take the picture to a stylist for them to match up the color.
  • If you see someone whose hair color you like, ask them who does it or what color they use.
  • If you have light-colored hair, consider adding highlights for a soft, natural look.
  • Try to keep your hair color close to your skin tone. Avoid dark, dramatic colors such as black which may in fact, make you look older.
  • Be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner made for colored hair. This will make your color last longer and keep your hair in better condition

The only important part when using color is to make certain that you always use a shade that compliments you.

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