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10 Different Kisses for Different Moods

Teen-Couple-KissingA quick peck while rushing to work is a brief reminder of love the couple share, a kiss is more complete in nature and is a perfect prelude to the act of love making. However, as we grow older, the ‘real act’ catches attention and somehow, the tender act of kissing gets ignored. Either it is done hurriedly just to grab a session in the sack or completely ignored. And that’s a damn shame because locking lips throughout the sexual experience (and not just at the very beginning of getting busy) can make the pleasure skyrocket considerably.

Hence, we’ve mapped out the right methods of 10 different kisses which will surely ignite some fireworks in your passion play.

1 . If you are just getting in the mood or feeling romantic, try giving butterfly kiss. Get close to your spouse so your tips of eyelashes touch his and then blink very fast so your eyelashes flutter like butterfly wings. Try angel kiss, on the eyelids or on the spot right next to the eye to just set the mood.

2. You feel for the person, but are not too sure. Then go for cheek kiss. Precise to the point and flirty at the same time this kiss sounds like – a closed-mouth kiss against someone’s cheek. Cheek kisses can be used as friendly greetings, flirty thank-you’s or cute, unexpected ways to say good-bye to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

3. Feeling awfully romantic then try single lip kiss. Take the lip of your partner between yours and gently suck or tug on it. When you do it right, it can send shivers down your spine.

4. In the mood to have some fun with kisses, then go for breath kiss, it’s more of a game rather a kiss. To do it, open your mouth and inhale deeply, and lock your lips with your sweetie, slowly exhale into their mouth while they’re inhaling passing the breath to them. Then without moving inhale when your partner exhales. Keep passing breath back and forth till you run out of it and you erupt in giggles.

5. Want to leave your partner asking for more, engage your top lip with the lower lip of someone whose face is upside down from yours, (Spider-Man style kiss).

6. Feeling flirtatious, go for lip gloss kiss. Wear lots of lip gloss preferably fruity and rub your lips against your partner, transferring the gloss.

7. To set the mood for a rocking lovemaking session, nothing works as good as the famous French kiss. It’s an open-mouthed kiss where one person’s tongue touches the other person. In the middle of French kiss, spell out a secret message with the tip of your tongue against their tongue. It might feel a little funny to the other person, but at least you’ll be getting your message across. Sounds simple, but really needs a whole lot of practice to master the moves, because a woman will not appreciate salivating and drooling mouth.

8. Want a bit of aggression in your lovemaking, may be the biting kiss is just for you. In this more aggressive form of French kiss, you engage tongue but as you pull back, your teeth lightly grab into your beloved’s tongue. Try it once and see how your partner responds to it. Some people love it, but others think it’s painful or weird.

9. Getting swayed on the waves of passion often results in hickey. Though embarrassing later, you don’t mind it when you are receiving it. Hickey is actually a red mark (a bruise) on the skin after someone sucks hard enough on it. Hickeys hurt a little to get, but some people think the sucking feels good, especially on the side of the neck. When the act on the neck gets harder, the result is vampire kiss. It can be painful, so it’s better to ask before your mark your partner.

10. Not content with lips alone of your beloved and you wish to explore more than that. Kiss and gently tug earlobes to leave your partner asking for more. Trace the jaw line and the outline of the lips with a flick of your tongue deftly (no slathering of saliva) and gently kiss and nibble at the collar bone. Blow kisses on the belly button, even kissing and sucking the finger feels great. Suck on ice before you do these. It can ignite fireworks in your passion play.

Remember the basics: Brush your teeth or make sure you have fresh smelling breath before you pucker up. Soften your lips and guys get a close shave guys because women don’t like to be kissed by a shrub all over.

Now stop scrolling down for more! Just go ahead and surprise your partner with what you’ve learned just now.

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