Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Indulge in Holi, But With a Twist

Do justice to yourself. You are out for a Holi party so go ahead and eat a variety of food and surely plunge in drink, but choose the right to stay healthy and enjoy completely.

Eat smartly and snack wisely.

Fill up your platter with more of fruits, salads and vegetables, and then head for assorted chips and fried concoctions. Fix your plate and move away from the table as soon as possible. Savor each and every bite. By eating slowly you will end up eating less. Also focus on diet beverages. Hot n steaming soup or lemon soda are healthier options.
If you are a hard drink lover, switch over to wine (especially red wine) as it’s a healthy drink. Research has supported time and again the impressive antioxidant boost that wine gives. But if must have other alcohol then keep control over your self and do not exceed your limits. Two units everyday is considered healthy. But it does not mean you do not drink all six days and have 7 pegs on the seventh. That’s binging and it’s bad. .
If there is a choice pick baked over fried, prefer to have missi or tandoori roti to nan or paratha and grab wine instead of whisky.

Be alcohol wise

Know the limits to ‘limit’ your toast: For men four or fewer standard drinks on any single day and less than 14 drinks during any given week is what experts recommend. And for women 3 or fewer standard drinks a day and no more than 7 drinks per week is enough.
Alcohol goes well with appetizers—high fat and protein snacks, like pizza slices. A high fat food like pizza closes the pyloric valve which traps alcohol in the stomach, where it will metabolise slowly as a result you will not get drunk faster and let it flow in your blood stream easily.
Avoid mixing your drinks with fizzy drinks. The bubbles in fizzy drinks open the pyloric valve thus sending alcohol directly to the body part that absorbs it the best, your blood.
Drink water between alcoholic drinks to stay hydrated.
Don’t drink dark drinks – Congeners, the byproducts of alcohol preparation, are found primarily in brandy, wine, tequila, whiskey, and other dark liquors. They can increase the frequency and severity of a hangover in addition to the alcohol content of the individual drink. Better to select drinks with fewer congeners.
Compare the congeners before you sip:
• Vodka has fewer congeners than gin.
• Most scotch whiskey has about four times more congeners than gin.
• Brandy, rum and single-malt scotch has about six times more than gin.
• Bourbon drinkers ingest eight times the amount of congeners than gin drinkers, and 30 times as much as vodka.
• Red wine has more congeners than white wine does.

Things you must remember
Make sure you don’t drink on an empty stomach – have a light meal before drinking like chew on nuts or have a pizza as it will help slow the rate at which your body absorbs the alcohol. —.
Finally, before you go to bed, drink at least half a litre of water and some orange juice – vitamin C speeds up the metabolism of alcohol by the liver. Eat some toast too – lack of sugar is responsible for that wobbly trembling feeling and it will help to settle your stomach too. A sports drink is a convenient alternative.

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