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Estimate the Right Quantity of Food For Party

To organize a perfect house party one should have a good estimation of the quantity of food. Here in this article Rahul Sharma, Chef JW Marriot shares the technique to estimate the right quantity of food. Read on…

Total food per person: For 20 guests, you need 20x300g = 6kg of food—meat, vegetables, and grains. You can divide this in whichever way you want to. You might choose to buy, say, 4kg of chicken (remember to adjust for bone weight; about 40% of meat can be bone) and 2kg of various vegetables, but this number is reliable enough. Males tend to eat a wee bit more, so if it’s a party full of guys, get 10% more food.

Snack portions: Five-six pieces per person-per hour, is a reasonable estimate. If you want to throw a cocktail party without dinner, it will surely need more snacks. “In my experience, says the Bisht, “most parties go for 3-4 hours on an average so using the same 20 people in our previous example, we get 20x4x5 = 400 pieces. Now, those seem like a lot, but remember that I’m literally talking about bite-size snack portions, not giant kebabs that you might get from a restaurant”. Types wise he recommends having at least five-six types of snacks for variety, so that you have at least 80 portions of five snacks. Now Count the vegetarians in the group, and add another 25% to your calculation. The vegetarians won’t eat meat, but the carnivores in the group have no problem munching on the vegetarian food, too.

If you’re organizing dinner as well apply the same calculation as above, but reduce the time to 2 hours instead. For 20 guests, you need to get 20x5x2 = 200 portions of snacks. That’s half the food in snacks.

What to choose as for snacks Variety is important. Spicy, mild, crisp, soft, creamy, etc., are all variations you can try if different forms like—“Nibbles, Dips, and Dippers,” “Tops and Bottoms,” “Sticks and Skewers,” “Wraps and Rolls,” and “Stacks and Cases”.

However, in all these, nibbles make the best party snack adds Bhist. Anything from simple or seasoned nuts to those glazed with sweet syrupy ingredients like honey, chocolate, caramel, and other flavoured syrups, or wasabi peanuts, candied chilli-citrus walnuts are real good options. Kebabs, spicy chicken tikka, croquettes, grilled veggies, mini-samosas, prawns with an orange-and-ginger dry chilli sauce or other fried and grilled foods also make good party pick food.

The key rule for food balanced parties is when you have a lot of guests; don’t go for too much variety in the main course.  Rather make larger quantities of fewer dishes (this rule also works well when large group of friends go to restaurants).

Quick Tip: Cut up the chicken into slightly larger square pieces, make the same stir-fry with less sauce, take the pieces of chicken, put a small basil leaf on top of each one, and serve as a snack. For vegetarian version, you make with mushrooms instead

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