Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Different Strokes

stethoscopeIn nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men.

Medicine is a noble profession. What gives these professionals an edge over others is their ability to heal people of their ailments. But, there are few doctors who are not satisfied with the symptomatic relief offered by Allopathy. They immerse themselves wholeheartedly in other systems of healing to cure their patients.  Archana Darshan talks to three such professionals…..

Neurosurgeon turns ozone therapist

vsk_picDr Vijay Sheel Kumar is a pioneer in Ozone Therapy, a new treatment in spinal disorders that is non-invasive and causes minimal discomfort to the patients. Technically, Dr Kumar is a neuro surgeon with a deep interest in pain medicine. As a neurosurgeon he always preferred minimal invasive techniques for surgery because of reduced tissue damage that ensured faster recovery. Since, 2003 he has been practising ozone therapy full time, as it offers a new way for treating back and leg pain resulting from disc prolapse. Almost three to four hundred patients come to him seeking relief from crippling pain and majority of them are in the age group of 30-50. “However, the youngest patient I treated was 13 years of age and the oldest was 88 year old. The patients that I get come from all over the world and different parts of the country,” shares he.

From medicine to flower power

Pune based Dr Jayashree Bukte had studied medicine and practiced for ten long years. But, she moved on to counseling because she felt that the conventional treatment emphasized a lot on medicines, whereas many a time people needed to talk and be listened to in order to earn relief. She says, “If you pause and ponder, you will find that almost all diseases are intimately linked to stress about which Allopathy offers nothing.” “From high blood pressure to heart disease and hormonal concerns, all are linked to stress. Hence I strongly felt that as a doctor, I should be able to address the issue of stress, which gravitated me towards counselling and later to Bach therapy,” adds she.  Bach  therapy is becoming popular among alternative healthcare practitioners. Dr Edward Bach, UK based physician, eminent bacteriologist and also a homeopath in the year 1930 had an insight when he found that dew of fresh blossoms of certain plants when exposed to the light and warmth of the morning sun had a profound effect on human psyche. As a therapy Bach deals, very gently, with the emotions. It is a non invasive to deal with many issues which begin in the mind and then manifest themselves in the body

Pins and needles therapy

“From being called ‘woo-doo’ doctor to ‘miracle man’, Dr Ravinder Tuli hasRKT PHOTO seen all. When he decided to shun a career in Internal Medicine to pursue Acupuncture in the year 1978, it was considered a strange thing to do in those times. But Dr Tuli, acupuncturist with Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi stuck to his belief and today he thanks God million times for showing him the right direction. The first patient that Dr Tuli had cured was his own mother. “For 30 long years I had helplessly watched my mother suffer from psoriasis,” said he. Since then, Dr Tuli has been wielding needles to cure many patients and they are not only related to pain. He informs, “It’s a misconception that acupuncture is best suited for pain relief. It also eliminates the cause of pain from the root to ensure permanent relief. Acupuncture caught the public eye in early 1970s, when the Chinese displayed its effectiveness in conducting major surgeries, without use of any anaesthesia. The efficacy of managing conventionally unmanageable pain with the use of mere needles was very impressive.”

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