Monday, November 30th, 2009

Vitamin C

vit cAlmost all animals and plants synthesize their own vitamin C. Unfortunately, human beings do not, hence we need a steady inflow of this water soluble vitamin.

Why do I need vitamin C?

Vitamin C plays an essential role in maintaining health of the immune system. It is found in every cell of our body and performs various functions:
• Vitamin C is needed for the production of collagen, which is involved in the building and health of cartilage, joints, skin, and blood vessels.
• It aids in fighting off foreign invaders.
• It helps protect the fat-soluble vitamins A and E as well as fatty acids from oxidation.
• This antioxidant neutralises pollutants.
• It is needed for antibody production.
• It has natural antihistamine properties. Allergy suffers may find some relief with the use of C.


• Less of vitamin C makes you susceptible to allergens—allergy provoking agents. Vitamin C decreases the permeability of cells. It has a powerful anti-histamine action and detoxifies foreign substances entering the body.

• Asthma attacks often occur when the lungs are under stress from allergens. These allergens produce oxidants that weaken the smooth muscle wall of the bronchi. Being an antioxidant, vitamin C squelches the oxidants, and prevents them from weakening the lungs and avoiding an attack.

• Under stress our body depletes fast its reserve of vitamin C. It is important to take vitamin C in multiple doses through out the day under stress.

• Smokers and children of smokers have an increased exposure to the asthma-promoting free radicals, present in cigarette smoke. These free radicals can overwhelm the antioxidant defenses of the lungs when body is low on vitamin C.

• Too much of vitamin C can give you diarrhoea. So if you develop diarrhoea, cut back on your dosage

• The ideal way to get your supply of C is to eat fruits and vegetables that are high in content. Most of us do not eat the recommended servings; in these instances, a supplement may be beneficial.

• It is better to take multiple doses of Vitamin C throughout the day since the body excretes what it doesn’t absorb through the urine.

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