Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Food Supplements for Diabetics

Preventive Nutrition® Diabetic Nutrition PlanAlong with, conventional medicines for managing diabetes, there are food supplements which diabetics can employ for keeping their blood sugar levels in control. diabetes. “The basic supplements to be used for diabetics include multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, omega 3, vitamin C and vitamin E, along with a greens drink, says Dr Lavleen Riar, Gurgaon based naturopath.

But before you start poping the pill, lets try to know a bit more about 5 essential food supplements that have proven best results in managing diabetes.


With these basic supplements fiber should be an important part of the diet, a diabetic should be having 30-50g of fiber a day, in which there should be soluble and insoluble fiber. “Since heart disease is a major complication fish-bodystemming from diabetes, omega 3 fatty acids available in cold water fish and fish oil capsules are recommended to provide protection against heart disease. The dosage recommended should be between 600-1200 mg daily,” informs Dr Riar. Research studies have shown that chromium may help in controlling diabetes. Dr Preeti Chhabra, consultant Ayurveda with Ganga Ram says, “Herbs like fenugreek, karela have blood glucose lowering properties.”

All said and done, exercise and diet is the mainstay of managing diabetes.

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