Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Sip Green to Stay Lean

Looking for the full scoop on green tea and its ability to help reduce belly fat? Well pour yourself a nice strong cup of green tea and then sit back down to read why this relaxing beverage has been shown to help reduce fat in the belly area.

Geetu Amarnani, a Mumbai based nutritionist indicates the reasons how it is indeed true that by simply sipping green tea daily can help you to lose weight and reduce that hard to lose belly fat.
Green tea is an effective way to lose weight as it works on the principal of increasing the metabolism rate of the body tells Amarnani. As the metabolic rate goes on a hike, the method of burning of calories fastens up. If you use more calories than you consume then it is inescapable that you can drop the additional pounds.
Besides enlarging the metabolism rate of the body, green tea contributes to the energy expenditure of the body. And as the amount of energy exhaustion increases, the amount of sugar storage in form of fat decreases to a major degree. When you consume food, a part of it is turned into the sugar and utilized effectively by the body. On the other hand the food that is not converted to sugar during digestion tends to get piled up in the body in kind of fat. This is where green tea comes into action. It plays an enormous part in increasing the rate of energy release and so keeps a tab on the storage of fat.

Further on, green tea also contributes to weight reduction by obstructing the absorption of fat. Fat is the primary culprit for weight gain and an inseparable component of our diet. The majority of the foods that you eat such as French fries, pizzas, pastas, hot dogs and the like contain some or the other quantity of fat. Green tea does not allow this fat to be absorbed by the body and inhibits you from putting on further weight.

The advantages of green tea are not confined to weight reduction only. It has got many add on benefits too. Green tea helps to slowdown the protection if the body, helps in perfect working of the brain and lots more.

So, if the consumption of green tea is a part of your daily routine, you have got a tendency to feel a lot active and healthy.

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