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Chill Out with Healthy Drinks

summer health drinksSummer is a time when we tend to drink a lot to replenish the liquid and the needed body salts lost from sweating. Avoid those fizzy, carbonated drinks that you see all around you available from every roadside shop, food mall or grocery store. Those are just empty calories. Also avoid heavily sweetened drinks as they don’t seem to quench your thirst, but stimulate it. With a little research and a dash of creativity, a whole world of refreshing drinks awaits you.

Natural drinks like lassi, nimbu pani, iced tea, cold coffee, fresh fruit juice are all good for health and also nourishing and refreshing.  Here is a quick lowdown on these:

Ice tea: Iced teas can be made from many different types of herbal teas or green teas available in the market today. Green tea is full of antioxidants that help to prevent against free radicals.

Lassi: Lassis are enjoyed chilled as hot-weather refreshment. It is a good source of calcium, protien, and very filling in nature. It is made by blending curd with water, salt and spices until frothy. It can be flavoured with mint leaves (pudina), coriander leaves (dhania), ginger and hing (asafoetida) to add benefits of these herbs in protecting our system from various diseses.

Mango Panna: Mango is one of all time favorite fruits, and best fresh mangoes are available in summer. Mango Panna is really quite easy to make, tastes awesome, is quite refreshing and even provides a great cure for heat stroke. Rich in vit A and vit C, It helps to increase the immunity of the system.

Thandai: It is another traditional cooling drink that is made of a paste of almonds (badam), melon seeds, saffron (kesar), cardamom (elaichi), rose petals, and fennel seeds (saunf), to which cold sweetened milk is added. It has the proteins and calcium from milk and almonds.

Amla Juice: Grind fresh Amlas and add some salt and optionally some hing (asafoetida), chat masala, black pepper powder and you have a refreshing summer drink ready which not only helps to manage the summer heat but also keeps your body healthy and immune. Rich in vitamin C , prevents the body against various infections.

Jal jeera: You can use the jaljeera powder readily available at a grocery store or make your drink at home. Just add lemon juice with water or soda; top it up with some mint leaves and ice and you have a refreshing drink ready. It is a healthy, no sugar, no artificial flavors drink and hence is loved by weight watchers as a cool alternative to the cola’s.

Nimbu pani (lemon water): Vitamin C rich lemon water improves immunity in the summer and is a refreshing thirst quencher due to its cool nature. Basic recipe involves adding lime juice to water or soda, with a pinch of rock salt and cumin powder (jeera) added to enhance its taste. Sugar can also be added to further enhance its taste. This drink is also calorie free without sugar. Can be had all those who are watching weight. Can be taken in any amount and any time during the day.

Ginger lime drink: Instead of having plain lime juice with water or soda, try adding a teaspoon of ginger juice per glass for a refreshing ginger-lime beverage. Fresh ginger gives traditional lemonade a new flavour.

Coconut water: Coconut water is the best summer cooler available at any roadside corner. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals particularly potassium which helps lower blood pressure. It takes care of mineral requirement in the summer when the soaring temperatures deplete all the water and salts from the body.

Fruit Sorbet: For sorbets, water-filled fruits such as watermelon, sweet lime, rose water and fruit sugar mix are good. All you have to do is puree the fruit, pour it into ice cream moulds and set in the freezer. Most citrus fruits are great for sorbets.

Smoothies: Good smoothies can be made with bananas, mangoes, papayas and other pulpy fruits. You can have them with breakfast or any time. Simply blend the fruit with yogurt and chillit. It gives the goodness of curd and the vitamins in the fruit. Can be taken by people on a weight loss diet.

So make the best of summer by trying out all these drinks and snacks. They’re healthy, they’re easy to make, and you’ll enjoy them 100%.

NOTE: All these are natural drinks and can be taken by everyone. But Diabetics and weight watchers need to be careful regarding the amount of sugar added. As sugar gives empty calories and also raises the blood sugar levels. Also Patients with kidney problems need to be careful. They need to consult their dietician before adding any drink to their diet.

Bad Options:

Quench your thirst with these drinks, but spare your waistline

There’s nothing better than a cool drink on a hot summer day to feel refreshed. You can enjoy summer drinks from an abundance of options which look incredibly tantalizing. But remember that some can derail a day’s calorie intake in no time.

Energy drinks. Think twice before drinking one of these for a cool kick-start to your day. Any energy drink would have a lot of sugar (two tablespoons) and caffeine (three times the amount in a can of cola). These drinks also are acidic, so the price you may pay for cooling off could be dental erosion. Also the extra calories from sugar.

Sweet tea and other sugary drinks. These can contribute 200 to 300 calories a day. The calories in soda can range from zero for a diet soda, to 140 for a 12-ounce can, to 550 for a large movie theatre soda. In addition to extra calories, they don’t have much nutritious punch. It is harmful for children who may be drinking these less nutritious beverages at their expense instead of milk, which helps build strong bones and teeth and is a source of protein for growing kids.

Fruit drinks. If it’s fruit, it must be good for you, right? If it’s 100 percent fruit juice, the juice’s calories come with nutrients. If its fruitade, fruit punch or fruit drink, it’s more likely fruit-flavored sugar water with few nutrients. It pays to read the label to be sure you’re getting what you think you are.

Frozen drinks. These are tempting on a hot day but some can make a major dent in an entire day’s calorie allowance. A glass of Barista or CCD Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino blended coffee is 430 calories. You’ll spend a whopping 950 calories to enjoy a Hot Chocolate Fudge.

Enhanced bottled water. Flavored, bottled water typically comes with extra calories. You can add your own flavoring to water with a fresh squeezed lemon or lime for a calorie-free drink.

Unflavored water best choice to keep cool and hydrated
The best beverage choice to keep cool and hydrated is plain, unflavored water. It’s calorie-free and natural.

- Priya Singh

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