Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Boost Your Energy with Juices This Summer

Summer JuiceFind quick, easy and highly nutritious summer drinks for natural energy boost. Take these before or after exercise, between meals, or you can even replace a meal with these when you’ve no time to eat.

Lemon with soda water: – Lemon juice with soda is best chiller for summers and it has very good effect on our health too. It works like a miracle for our digestive system more than anything else.  So keep fit with a shot of chilled lemonade this summer.

Mango Juice or Aam Panna: – Easy to prepare, mango juice has numerous health benefits. Containing high level of antioxidant, mango juice in particular helps in cleaning your blood. Drink it alone or you can prepare a mix juice by combining several other types of fruit juices for example kiwi and banana. It goes good with these fruits.

Apple Juice: – This is another light and healthy drink for summer. It can be also preferred as meal replacement drink as it provides all essential things our body requires to stay fit. Moreover it has proven effect on heart health and lung function. Good for liver and intestines, this juice is must to be included in your summer drink.

Pomegranate Juice: – Sweet and sour, pomegranate juice gives a different kind of punch to your taste buds. With a tantalizing effect on your taste buds, it also helps improving your heart health by maintaining your blood pressure.

Watermelon Juice: - Watermelon juice helps lose weight quickly, safely and naturally. It is the solution you can trust to help you get back in shape without starvation, without any drastic diet, without going to the gym and without suffering from low energy. It is the best way to lose weight, nature-wise.

Herb-wise Juices:

Beetroot Juice: - Beetroot Juice helps in the development and creation of red blood cells. Beetroot Juice is particularly helpful in decreasing the damage done due to menstrual and menopausal problems and plays vital role in increasing your haemoglobin level.

Amla Juice: It not only helps to manage the summer heat but also keeps your body healthy and immune. Rich in vitamin C , amal prevents the body against various infections. Just grind fresh amlas with chill water and add some salt and optionally some hing (asafoetida), chat masala, black pepper powder and your refreshing summer drink is ready to savor.

Lauki Juice: Easy to digest with cooling properties, lauki juice is best for summer. It also carries high nutritional value. In Ayurveda, it is described as very good for mankind as it carries the medicinal properties to reverse the effect of aging and certain diseases. It is specially very good for liver. Being cool by nature, it is again one of the must have healthy drink for summer.

Jammun Juice: Jammun (Blackberry) is a rich source of carbohydrates, minerals, like calcium, iron & phosphorus, and vitamins, which are essentially required by our body system to keep healthy. Grind it and shake it well to prepare a delicious juice. Regular intake of jammun juice will prove to be a boon for all the diabetics’ patients. Natural and herbal it helps to keep a check on the sugar level in your blood.

Lemon with ginger juice: The juice is high in vitamin C and is best for stomach related problems. Lemon ginger juice is also beneficiary for skin and hair.

Try out these this summer to see the difference in the rising energy levels. Either prepare it yourself or if runnning short of time then simple purchase ready to drink tera packs, which are available in the market. Various brands offer healthy juices. You can go for Guardian Brand juices which are formulated on the basis of ayutrvedic concepts.

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