Friday, February 10th, 2012

Eat Well To Age Proof Your Health

AGEING is a subtle and quiet process. While a lot of age related changes are predictable and acceptable, every change shouldn’t be discounted by attributing it to ageing. But yes, food wise you should behave sage because as you age your body dose not have same potential to assimilate nutrients from foods. So we need to eat well age well. My Health Guardian drops down 11 mantras to safeguard your health with right food habit. 

1. Eat a balanced diet that includes raw vegetables, fruits, grains seeds and quality protein such as fish and soy. Consume less of animal protein.
2. Consume four or five small meals daily.
3. A low calorie diet is essential to maintain good health. Eat only when you are hungry and consume foods that are cooked fresh.
4. Include super foods in your diet like garlic, mushroom, ginger, yoghurt. These foods are good sources of nutrients that reduce free radical damage.
5. Cut back on salt, saturated fats, caffeine.
6. Get regular exercise like walking to maintain bone density. Incorporate stretching exercises like surya namaskar in your regime to keep your body flexible and limber.
7. Improve your blood’s oxygenation and circulation with deep breathing exercises. Try holding your breath every thirty minutes for 30 second.
8. Keep your colon clean to ward off degenerative diseases. Get extra fiber by eating plenty of fresh vegetables, whole grains, bran and oats.
9. Learn how to relax.
10. Allow yourself sufficient sleep.
11. Investigate about supplements like Co-enzyme Q 10, a super antioxidant as it protects the heart, increases tissue oxygenation and is vital for many bodily functions. The liver and heart muscle have the highest level of coenzyme Q 10 of any tissue. Since liver is the main detoxifying organ of the body, optimal liver function is vital for minimizing damage to all the body’s tissues.

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