Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Why to Drink Warm Water

Irritation in the throat due to cough or tonsil can be really painful. But it can be cured simply by drinking hot or warm water. Yes, it is believed that hot or warm water is good for the body as it has many health benefits. Read here some of the crucial health benefits of drinking hot or warm water:

  • • One of the health benefits of drinking hot or warm water is it reduces throat pain, liquifies thick cough and helps it come out easily.
  • • Warm water helps the process of perspiration, which is very essential if you reside in hot areas. Drinking warm water regularly helps to cool down and help your body to flush out toxins.
  • • Warm water also helps in purifying the blood stream. Bowel movements stimulation is very vital.
  • • Warm water is the best homemade medicine to help fight a bad cold. Either drink it or gargle it with some salt in the warm water. Also when taken regularly with lemon and honey it helps reduce congestion and keeps you hydrated when you are fighting a cold.
  • • Drinking warm water with lemon include improving and cleansing the urinary tract.
  • • Lastly drinking warm water soothes the throat, prevents dehydration and also help break up chest congestion.

Exploring the above details, we all must practice to drink warm water on a daily basis to stsay young and hearty forever.

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