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Learn Ways to Eliminate Food Wastage

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization about 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year! Do not stand mouth wide open! And if are alarmed, then keep reading… As if you are astound then chances are you care about the earth and try to make decisions to at least your minimize your participation in food wastage.
Yes! You can start at home and do your part to help curb food waste. Here are some simple changes that have big effects. Get started to avoid food wastage.

Shopping tricks

Buy only what you need. As if you continually buy more food than you can eat, you’ll eventually have to throw some away. So to avoid waste, shop smartly, follow these steps:
Plan ahead. Before grocery shopping, think about the meals you plan to make, the ingredients you’ll need to buy and what you already have in your kitchen. Tech-savvy chefs may enjoy the many useful meal planning websites and apps.
Make a shopping list. If you have a smartphone, you can use a slick app like Grocery IQ or ZipList. Or go retro and make a list with old-school pen and paper. Pro Tip: keep a pen and paper near the fridge so you can add items to your shopping list when you run out.
Be realistic. Don’t buy more than you can eat. (This one’s for my father, who routinely shops as if he’s stocking the local school cafeteria.

Cooking and kitchen wise

Fruits that become soft or soggy can be made into a smoothie or used in a dessert. Vegetables that are close to wilting can be made into soup or a bake.
Avoid situations where you open your refrigerator and find things tumbling down! Buy what you need and in small quantities. Do not get lured by offers or discounts. Make a list and stick to it!
Maintain a healthy temperature in the refrigerator so that the food remains fresh for a longer time. It is suggested to store foods between 1 and 5 degrees Celsius for maximum freshness.
Keep your kitchen well organized. To avoid dumping things and then forgetting about them reorganize every two weeks. Arrange in a way so that everything is in sight and within easy reach.
Storage wise
To learn the right way to store foods properly and keep them fresh as long as possible, follow these tips:
Store apples, berries, citrus fruits and grapes in the fridge. Store apricots, avocados, melons, nectarines, peaches, plums, pears and tomatoes outside the fridge until ripe, then refrigerate. Keep bananas, mangos, papayas and pineapples in a cool place outside the fridge.
Last but not the least; never throw any unneeded food instead give it to your family, friends or coworkers. Or try donating it to a food bank, food pantry or shelter.

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