Monday, November 8th, 2010

Detox Time Post Diwali Celebrations

diwali detoxDiwali is synonymous with indulgences: lavish meals, late night card parties and braving all that traffic jams. Naturally, now that you are back at work you are not feeling your energetic self. It’s hard to feel enthusiastic and active when you are beset with a bloated tummy, aching legs, scratchy throats and running nose.  Essentially when we party we make our liver work hard because this is the organ that cuts the toxins from your body. Archana Jha Darshan tells you how to cut the overload of toxins on your system and put the spring back in your steps. To help your liver detoxify the body, you should start your day with a glass of warm water in which a juice of lemon has been squeezed in it. Millions swear by the detoxifying effect of it. Ten minutes later have a bowl of cut papaya, apples or any other fruit. Avoid tea till you had your breakfast.
You can help your liver by following the metabolism pattern of your body. Your metabolism is at the highest in the morning. This is the time you should have heavy meals and it begins to wind up as the sun sets. Your dinner should be the simplest meal of the day and should be had preferably before eight at night. By doing this you provide time to your body to digest the food before you hit the sack. Keep in mind that you had more than enough share of sweets during Diwali celebrations. Now is the time for restraint. This doesn’t mean that you can have fruits post lunch or dinner. As a rule avoid fruits after meals because fruits consist of fructose and it gets converted into fat by the body if had after meals.
Throughout the day at an interval of two hours have something to munch: a handful of roasted peanuts, chana should be sufficient.
What you should do
1. Cut down on tea, coffee and cola. Instead drink ample amounts of filtered water throughout the day.
2. Now is the time when you can easily get fresh vegetables and greens. Make homemade soup with these and do not add any MSG to it.
3. Get some exercise. Go for serene walks in the evening, or join a gym or yoga class but make sure to move your limbs.
4. Prefer whole fruits to fruit juices. Why? With fruits you get the fibre which helps clean your intestines.
5. Lower the oil content in your dishes. Have vegetables grilled or steamed with very little of spices.
6. Ayurveda says that the toxicity in your body is because of acidic build up. You can get rid of toxicity by making your body alkaline. Vitamin C will help you in this. Sip on warm water spiked with lemon juice throughout the day and your liver is going to love it.

With the following basics in place you are going to feel energetic and active once again.

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