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How To Detox Holi Hangover

detox_dietFestivals bring in good cheer, happiness and mouth-watering varieties food. The sweetmeats during holi are made exclusively for this season and it is truly difficult to resist this temptation—Gujia, Jalebi etc. The delicacies are endless and so is the indulgence. Moreover holi is the time for alcohol, bhang. Families and friends come together and one tends to indulge in them more than it is needed.

So, what to do to come out of that hangover……
A detox diet can help you begin a healthier eating plan by making you feel cleaner and lighter. Once you feel your body rid itself of all those toxic chemicals, and you enjoy the benefits such as regular bowel movements, a clearer complexion and more energy, you’ll probably feel motivated to continue eating well and will be less inclined to clog your body with unhealthy foods. People often report improved energy, clearer skin, regular bowel movements, improved digestion, and increased concentration and clarity after a detox diet.
This is a three day detox program which will help your body get rid of at least some of the effects of any toxins from alcohol and the oily foods.

Detox Diet

Day One
8 a.m. Lemon water
9 a.m. Juice of 3 sweet limes.
10 a.m. Juice of 3 oranges
11 a.m. Coconut water
Noon A platter of fruits
4 p.m. 2 bananas
6.30 p.m. A full plate of papaya with lime.
Sip warm water or Green Tea throughout the day.

Day Two
8 a.m. Lemon water
9 a.m. One piece of fresh fruit such as apple, pear, banana, grapes or citrus.
15-30 minutes later: One bowl of cooked whole grains porridge—oats or wheat
Noon Coconut water
Lunch -1 pm: One-two medium bowls of steamed vegetables. Use a variety, including roots, stems and greens (e.g. potatoes & yams, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beets, asparagus, cabbage.)

4 p.m. Green Tea .
6.30 p.m. bananas, chikoo, grapes and papaya.
Dinner ( 8 pm) Steamed vegetables with extra virgin olive oil and a bowl of clear vegetable soup.
Sip water with lemon throughout the day.

Day Three
8 a.m. Lemon water
9 a.m. Coconut water
Snack on fruits till noon
Noon Vegetable juice of beetroot, spinach, lemon, mint, Ginger, cucumber.
Lunch—1 p.m. Salad of raw vegetables. + a bowl of steamed vegetables + sprouts
4 p.m. Green Tea with few nuts like almonds, Pistachio or walnuts.
6.30 p.m. a bowl of papaya
Dinner -Steamed vegetables with extra virgin olive oil and a bowl of clear vegetable soup . Can combine with steamed brown rice.
Sip water with lemon throughout the day.

If you can keep this up for 3 days you will find your body responding in a very positive manner. You will feel lighter and much more energetic.
I don’t recommend it for longer than 3 days: frankly it is boring! At the end of three days you will be ready to cut an arm off for a plate of soup. However I do recommend that you introduce some raw foods into your diet regularly, something every day if possible.

Geetu Amarnani, Nutrition Consultant

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