February 13th, 2014

Does Prescription Creams Reduces Dark Spots

Many readers write to us on how to remove dark spots from the skin. We tell you everything you wanted to know about dark spots and how to remove them. Dark spots or hyperpigmentation is a condition in which skin develops dark spots due to over production of melanin. It usually occurs on the skin in the middle age. But young people too can suffer from dark spots, which can be a result of pigmentation in the area of healed or healing acne. You just can’t ignore the role of sun in causing dark spots. This kind of spot is more evident in fair skinned people as their skin develops freckles like spots also called ‘age spots’ with repeated unprotected sun exposure. Though, age has no role

November 14th, 2013

Beauty Treatments to be a Blushing Bride

Planning to get married? Give your skin some time to get ready, at least 3 months before the big day. This should ideally be the time when you religiously start looking after your skin if you haven’t done it till now. Read here what to do…. Best Recommended Facials for Brides Cocoon facial: In this beauty treatment, the face is enveloped with a soft and nourishing cocoon of creams enriched with Vitamin E & A and with hydroirons. The heat from the cocoon helps penetrate the ingredients deep into the skin and rejuvenate it inside and out, giving you a sparkling glow. Mineral facial: This facial is enriched with the goodness of minerals. Loaded with zinc, magnesium, calcium and

January 11th, 2013

10 Must Have Beauty Essentials in Winter

The weather has turned nippy and your skin is the first one to bear the brunt of elements (read cold winds). The basics of skin care remain the same for winter too: cleansing, toning and moisturising but you need to tweak these products a bit. In summer, a foaming face wash was good but as the temperature dips you should switch to a mild cleanser, preferably a lotion. Similarly your toner should be of non-drying types and your moisturiser should be a richer version of the one that you used in the summer. Priya Singh enlists ten must have beauty essentials that every girl should keep in her vanity kit. 1. Heavy duty moisturizer with SPF protection: Cold winds can strip moisture from your

December 6th, 2012

Pick the Right Facial to Glow like a Gemstone

There is no denying that every woman loves a day at the salon. Reason is there is no better way to pamper and get that much-needed relaxation and dazzling effect, instantly. And when the celebration season is on the cards, the idea of receiving the exotic facials gets all more important. So to glow like a gemstone this party season, why not try ‘gemstone facial’.  Yes, you heard right! Gemstone facials are a great way to keep your skin young and beautiful tells expert beauty therapist Shanaz Hussain. But don’t just get swayed away by the great marketing gimmicks. Before heading to the parlor for your all-important beauty ritual, ‘the facial’, skin type must surely be kept in

October 4th, 2012

What Do You Do For Cracked Heels?

‘Painful’ as well as ‘an unpleasant sight to your eyes’, cracked heels are not only the result of dry weather conditions but is also a great sign of negligence to foot care. Agreed! Hardly any one of us pays as much attention to foot care as we do for their facial skin care. Like the rest of the body, our feet too need a proper care and attention, so do not ignore but take care of them. Put this home remedies to practice to keep your heels soft and supple this winter. Read on and implement these time tested remedies for dry and cracked heels to take that glamorous walk in your sexy high heels stilettos. Scrub it Lemon Scrub Take one teaspoon of Vaseline in a bowl and add lemon

October 1st, 2012

Are You Turning Scaly

HAS YOUR SKIN TURNED RED AND SORE AND YOU FEEL ITCHY LIKE CRAZY? And you know you haven’t been near poison ivy or even don’t have chickenpox! But still, you chew your fingernails down to the quick just so you won’t scratch until you bleed! Don’t dip down in depression for turning into a monster movie. You suffer from ECZEMA. Dr Sheilly Kapoor Consultant Dermatology Medanta the Medicity tells all about this scaly skin concern. Read to know in detail. What is eczema Eczema in Greek means “to Boil”. It broadly encompasses skin conditions that cause the skin to suffer from recurring redness, skin edema (swelling), and you feel itching and dryness, crusting, flaking,

July 20th, 2012

Body Wraps are Beauty Wraps

Body wrap is a great way to unwind the blues and relieve stress. By detoxifying, cleansing and exfoliating the skin, these body masks charm you with a healthy and a glowing skin. An excellent way to nourish your skin with essential nourishing packs and at times followed by massage, these masks help revitalize your skin, accelerate the energy flow, boost the metabolic rate and improve blood circulation. Types of body wraps: Nectar honey steam wrap: Begins with a deep cleansing, exfoliating treatment through the application of granulated sea salts. Honey is then applied all over the body, followed by a steam bath which enables the natural and moisturizing properties of honey to rejuvenate

January 16th, 2012

Is Your Accessory Making You Sick?

The whole fun of the party season comes from dressing up. However, those suffering from contact allergy dermatitis are not so fortunate and they develop inflammation, irritation, redness and itching, when they wear something that doesn’t suit them. Jewellery dermatitis can even take severe forms when not treated properly. Jewellery dermatitis occurs primarily at ear lobes, wrists, hands, neck and waistline. The wrists may be involved because of jewellery or the backs of watches and bracelets all of which may contain nickel. Wrist bands made of leather (chrome tanned) are a source of chrome dermatitis, says Dr Sheilly Kapoor, consultant dermatology at Medanta-the-Medicity. Ring eczema

January 16th, 2012

What Your Beautician Will Never Tell You

You find it hard to believe, but it’s true. Unhygienic beauty parlours are breeding ground of skin infections. When you go for waxing insist on a new spatula and disposable waxing strips. “A spatula that’s used on more than one person can transmit skin infections, like rash, allergy, itching,” says Dr Rishi Parashar, Delhi based, Dermatologist. When going for waxing be sure that the person giving the treatment is a trained hand and not a novice who is learning at your expense. If the waxing strip is not pulled out right, you might be left with angry white follicular pustules (Folliculitis) that erupt if a hair follicle undergoes trauma when being pulled out. Some women, especially

November 22nd, 2011

Contemplating a Tattoo, Read It Now!

Are you one among those who are flocking to tattoo parlors to get inked under the impression of a style statement? If yes, then, are you aware about the health hassles this body art is generally known to replicate on your wellbeing; or it’s just in vogue you decided to get tattooed! What you answered, ‘yes’, then take a deep breath, relax and read this article now! Various Derma researches worldwide have also shown that tattoo regrets are getting common — in fact, 17 percent of those who get tattoos consider getting them removed after a time or so, thereby by facing double pain and a huge burn in the pocket. While, some people have also been noticed lamenting on their

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