January 23rd, 2014

Fight Aging with Face Oils

Would you ever consider slathering oil on your face in the hopes of getting a younger and more radiant complexion? The obvious answer that people turn up is “NO’. But to your wonder researchers from across the world acclaim a new breakthrough oil formulas that known for boosting moisture, fighting wrinkles, and reducing inflammation with the help of sophisticated additives like peptides, retinol, and vitamin C, without any harsh (or greasy) side effects. “Oils are naturally gentler than most anti-aging products because they deliver the active ingredients deep into the skin without irritating the surface,” says Dr Shela Aggarwal Cosmetologist. Read here how using

December 5th, 2013

Yogurt and Honey Play Wonder in Winters

Say goodbye to winter skin problems. It’s time to shine like a diamond.  Shocked how? All you need to do is to peep into your kitchen to get glowing this winter. Read the recipe for that forever glowing skin in winter… Give your bathing bars a break this winter as they could cause extra skin dryness and, instead, go for natural bathing ingredients. Yogurt is a great skin cleanser and moisturizer which gives you a glowing skin that needs very little maintenance. Apply yogurt on your body and face and let it dry. Wash off with luke-warm water. Alternately, you could mix gram flour (besan), lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric in yogurt and cover yourself up in it. Rub gently and let it

December 5th, 2013

Try Egg & Olive Oil Pack This Winter

Winter has its own charms. Seasonal fruits, warm soups, foggy mornings, cozy days and even cozier nights make winter bliss to experience. But as the saying goes that every good thing carries a pain in the package so dose winter season too. It is also the time when your cheeks turn dry making you looking pale and possible ill-health appearance. But again every spoilsport also has a remedial and the need to wear heavy jerseys and jackets that can play a spoilsport to an otherwise perfect season. Beaten the an egg in the bowl, mix the 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tbsp of olive oil to it.blend all of them well. Apply this face pack evenly on the face. Wait for 15 minutes then rinse it off with luke

September 17th, 2013

Soak in Almond & Milk For Blemish Free Skin

It is not necessary to go to expensive beauty parlours or buy an expensive creams to get a blemish free skin. A few home remedies if followed properly can prove a miracle in removing blemishes and tanning from your skin. All you need is to be patient and religiously follow the remedies. Read here how almonds help to de tan your skin and makes it white and bright. Know why almonds are ideal for skin: Almonds have several benefits on your skin and body as it is a major source of vitamin E, which is an important vitamin needed by your skin. Vitamin E is frequently labeled as a skin food because it nourishes your skin and makes it healthy, and almonds have it in abundance. One of its best

June 13th, 2013

10 De-tanning Benefits of Tomato

Tomatoes are a staple in every kitchen but hardly will you hear anyone extolling its cosmetic benefits. Whether you want to cure large pores or reduce acne and rashes or sooth a nasty sunburn or simply to revive the glow on dull skin, tomatoes are beneficial in many homemade beauty treatments. Take a tablespoon of fresh tomato juice. Add two to four drops of fresh lime juice to this. Use a cotton ball to apply this mixture on your face. Massage it in circular motions. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then wash off with cool water. Regular application will shrink the big pores on your face and bring back the glow. Tomatoes contain lycopene which is an antioxidant that can work as a

June 13th, 2013

Papaya: A Miracle Fruit for Tanned Skin

Are you fed-up with those blemishes and tan effects that keep pondering over your face no matter what cream may have you applied to it. Then here comes a final remedy for your never ending problem straight from the kitchen… Read on how papaya plays a miracle to bring back that tan free look we all die to get. Yes, papaya is a miracle fruit that make you clean and clear inside-out.. 7 Ways Papaya Make Your Skin Clean & Clear 1. Papaya is abundant in anti-oxidants due to the huge concentration of Vitamin A 2. ‘Papain’ in Papaya is helpful in removing the dead skin cells so applying papaya on the skin will exfoliate your skin in the most gentle and natural way 3. Use mashed

February 20th, 2013

Why Scrub a Dub Regularly

Healthy skin is something that is from within; eating healthy food and avoiding stress can help you the most in getting beautiful you. However along this daily skin & facial care also plays a vital role in getting charming and smooth look. Dr Shehla Aggarwal, Mehak Derma Clinic New Delhi tells that one can look younger and more beautiful without spending too much of extra time and money by scrubbing skin at least twice a week as it helps remove dead skin cells. Consider your skin type to select and use the right exfoliating products available in the market meant for your skin. Or one can also go for natural ways of skin and facial care she adds further. Read on what does the expert

January 11th, 2013

Pamper Your Feet with Fresh Cream

Dry, cracked heels and ragged cuticles are a sandal-lover’s worst nightmare. And the condition gets worsen as the winter falls as the dryness gets double in this season. So if wearing heels or sandals is too embarrassing right now, consider fresh cream pack to get your feet soft and smooth as quickly as possible in winters. Read on 5 easy steps to pamper your feet with fresh cream. If you continue to wear the below given foot mask every night for a week, your problems should be solved. Here’s How: Soak feet for 5-10 minutes in a warm foot bath made with 1 cup milk and 5 cups warm water. Create a homemade foot scrub by putting 4 tablespoons salt or sugar in 1/2 cup oil. Baby

January 11th, 2013

Pack Your Skin with Raw Turmeric

There are numerable skin care benefits associated with turmeric such as treatment of acne blemishes, blackheads, dark spots and hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It helps heal and prevent dry skin, and to slow the skin aging process, and is used to diminish wrinkles, keep skin supple and improve skin’s elasticity. This sunny bright spice is also being used as an ingredient in sunscreens. It is used daily by East Indian women as a facial cleanser and exfoliant. Read below more on the skin care benefits of raw turmeric. Also learn to make few at home masks to get glowing forever… How Turmeric is a Short Cut To Glowing Skin. For a wrinkle reducer and

September 13th, 2012

Beautiful You Naturally

Hundreds of expensive products and procedures exist for beautifying the skin and keeping it looking young and fresh, some of which may also pose dangers to your health. So why not try some of these all-natural, do-it-yourself beauty recipes to keep your skin young and glowing—at a fraction of the cost. Yes, Dr Preeti Chabbra Ayurveda Consultant Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi brings to you some easy to engage home remedies for a beautiful you naturally. Read on A skin peel from nature Probably one of the fastest ways to look younger is to have a skin peel. While the Retin-A, high-concentration glycolic acid, and harsh chemical peels that cosmetic dermatologists prescribe can decrease

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