January 11th, 2013

Try Glycerin and Rosewater in Winters

Well, glycerin is a wonderful oil-free moisturizer and rosewater does have skin nourishing properties, thus the combination is certainly nothing less than a miracle potion for your thirsty skin in winter. Let’s have a look at their individual benefits and thereafter Priya Singh shares with you the at home preparation technique of Glycerin rose water lotion. Benefits of Glycerin Glycerin is a transparent, viscous liquid that helps to maintain the skin’s homeostasis, by regulating the water balance in the intercellular matrix. It attracts moisture and water towards the skin, thereby keeping the skin hydrated and supple. The best aspect about glycerin is that it moisturizes the

January 11th, 2013

You Can Make Your Satin Smooth in Winter

Winter is also a time to battle the crisp chilly winds that wreck havoc on your body and hair. But a little care will keep the wintry woes at bay and you will certain get that satin smooth skin. Don’t say bye to Sunscreen. Though it seems that the sun is very mild in winter but on the contrary during this period sun is most brutal. So, continue using your sunscreen lotion. Look for formulations with SPF of 15 and higher. Ideal would be to use foundation or moisturizer with an in-built sunscreen, everyday. Moisturize daily. Massage your body at least twice a week. It’s excellent for good circulation and keeps your skin warm, soft and glowing. Coconut oil acts as a natural moisturizer.

January 11th, 2013

10 Must Have Beauty Essentials in Winter

The weather has turned nippy and your skin is the first one to bear the brunt of elements (read cold winds). The basics of skin care remain the same for winter too: cleansing, toning and moisturising but you need to tweak these products a bit. In summer, a foaming face wash was good but as the temperature dips you should switch to a mild cleanser, preferably a lotion. Similarly your toner should be of non-drying types and your moisturiser should be a richer version of the one that you used in the summer. Priya Singh enlists ten must have beauty essentials that every girl should keep in her vanity kit. 1. Heavy duty moisturizer with SPF protection: Cold winds can strip moisture from your

December 13th, 2012

8 Steps to Beat Winter Blues

For some of us winter is synonymous with irritability, decreased energy, and changes in appetite which lasts till the spring. Fix up a plan of mood boosters to overcome the weather induced depression. In the cold and cloudy weather of winter, many of us notice tiredness, a bit of weight gain, difficulty getting out of bed and bouts of “the blues”. What should you do Daily exercise has been shown to be helpful, particularly when done outdoors For those who tend to crave sweets during the winter, eating a balanced diet may help one’s mood. Conversely, as the mood improves, craving for sweets declines. Orange color keeps negative feelings at bay. Keep more of it around you. Stay hale

December 10th, 2012

Care for Your Heart in Winters

People with health conditions, like high blood pressure, cholesterol disorders, asthma and joint problems need to exercise caution because cold weather aggravates their condition. This winter exercise caution and stay healthy. Priya Singh tells you more…….. Listen to your heart Cold and foggy weather during winter can be stressful for your heart. “This is the time when there is 50% increase in the incidences of heart attack,” says Dr Hansa Gupta. Such high numbers call for an explanation and Dr Gupta offers it, “During this season people tend to overeat, especially rich and oily food. Again cold weather is a perfect excuse to bunk exercise. Combine this with the drinking of

October 11th, 2012

Boost Immunity with Herbs

You can surely preserve your health herb wise. To feel the difference this season, go herbal. But before you get indulge, read on the beneficial factors of these herbs. Amla, known as Indian gooseberry, is the richest and best source of vitamin C. It also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, albumin, cellulose, fibre, carbohydrate, sugar and water. It helps reduce all the three body humours—vatta, pitta and kapha, or the air, fire and phlegm; which, when aggravated above their normal limits, cause a disease. The special properties of rejuvenation and revitalising of the entire body systems makes amla highly beneficial for increasing the body’s resistance power. Turmeric is recommended

October 11th, 2012

Protect Yourself From Seasonal Maladies

Even after the prevention plan, if in any case you get infected with common maladies, here are the best kept remedies to treat and protect your health. Soothe a sore throat • To treat a sore throat, gargle. In 250ml glass of warm water mix in a teaspoon of salt and gargle. The salt will soothe the pain. You can also squeeze lemon juice in a glass of warm water and gargle to ward off cold as it creates an acidic environment hostile to bacteria and viruses. • Sip chicken soup to combat a cold. It offers more than comfort for colds and flu as it stops certain white blood cells – neutrophils – from congregating and causing inflammation, which in turn triggers the body to

October 11th, 2012

Plan Prevention In Change of Season

To avoid flu and seasonal ailments, you need to enhance your immunity. And to achieve it you must follow this plan of prevention: Eat simple and call for ‘C’ factor during change of seasons as it can be difficult for your immune health. Ayurveda explains eating home cooked food, which is freshly made and green vegetables like lauki, karela, tinda, parwal enhance your digestion, which is boosts your immune health. Also, take a supplement or have fruits and veggies rich in vitamin C, before the onset fresh season. Try starting your day with a glass of warm water and lemon juice to detox your body system. Watch the water you drink as water can get contaminated because of many reasons and

November 25th, 2011

20 Tips to Duck Cold Season

The arrival of winter brings respite from the summer heat. More or less winter is a healthy season, but, this is also the time when sneezes, wheezes and flu become quite common. Asthmatics know that it doesn’t take long for a sneeze to turn in a wheeze. And at times you may get a feeling that germs are out to get you and however hard you try, you just can’t duck them. Guardian Health Chronicle tells you what to do so that you don’t fall sick this season. No Excuse to Exercise: Instead of early morning brisk walk go for late evening walks to let your body accommodate well with change in temperature. Eat Right: Consume amla, oranges, carrots and leafy greens to stock up enough

November 2nd, 2011

Are You Guilty of Committing These Beauty Mistakes

Till now we were battling with oily skin and all of a sudden we have to grapple with dry skin. As the day starts getting chilly and  winter knocks hard on our doors, most of us go lazy and get reluctant to follow our daily grooming habits. But, the worst happens when we start following wrong beauty practices in winters; which as a result give dry and dull skin, chapped lips, cracked feet, etc. You can keep your skin soft and supple by avoiding winter skin care blunders. Priya Singh tells you about commonly committed beauty blunders and how to avoid those. Taking hot shower bath: Hot shower might be soothing to your soul, but wreaks havoc on your skin. Hot water causes the blood vessels

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