July 11th, 2011

Are You Vaccinated Against Typhoid

This is high season for all water and food borne diseases. One of the most dangerous food and water borne infections is typhoid, caused by the bacteria called ‘Salmonella typhi’. It travels through faecal contamination of food or water. About 3%-5% of patients become carriers of the bacteria after the acute illness. Some patients suffer a very mild illness that goes unrecognized. These patients can become long-term carriers of the bacteria. The germ multiplies in the gallbladder, or liver and passes into the bowel. The chronic carriers can be the source of new outbreaks of typhoid fever for many years.   Symptoms Typhoid fever may cause: • Fever (in step ladder form) • Coated

July 12th, 2010

Screen Before You Drink

Change of season especially as the weather turns warm, causes an increased spate of water-borne diseases. “Technically, water borne diseases mean any disease that spreads via contaminated water. Water can get contaminated because of many reasons and all these reasons overlap with poor hygiene,” explains Dr. Anil Arora, senior consultant gastroenterology with Ganga Ram Hospital. Diseases like typhoid, hepatitis, gastroenteritis and cholera come under waterborne diseases. Instances of water-borne diseases go up with rain-showers. This happens when home-water supply pipe lines get contaminated with sewer pipe lines. Once this happens there is an outbreak of an epidemic condition.

September 16th, 2009

Each Drop Counts of Pure Water

Pure water is crucial for health. We do not realise the value of this precious resource and often indulge in criminal waste of this scarce resource. Access to safe and pure drinking water is a privilege, which is not available to all. Worldwide, 1.2 billion people do not have access to clean and safe drinking water, and 2.4 billion people lack sanitation facilities. Every year, 5 million people die of waterborne diseases. Waterborne diseases remain one of the most significant threats to human health worldwide. Waterborne diseases Waterborne diseases include cholera, typhoid, bacillary dysentery, polio, meningitis, hepatitis A and E. These diseases are caused by water that has been

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