August 8th, 2013

Scent Sense for Sensitive Skin

If your skin is red and itchy, splash the area with cold water for a few minutes and pat dry. Some areas such as the neck are more sensitive than others, so if the reaction is only mild, you could try the fragrance on a less sensitive part of the body. Safer pulse points are: below the ears and knees, at the bend of the elbow, on the bosom and around wrists. If the fragrance still irritates your skin, but you love it so much that you want to keep wearing it, then spray a cotton ball, let dry and tuck it in your shirt pocket. Experiment with distinctive classics, adventurous and individualistic fragrances that reflect your growing maturity and sophistication and at the same time keeps your

August 8th, 2013

Men, Maintain Your Mane

Since hair is such a big part of your appearance, therefore it must be well maintained tol make you look more attractive. Hair needs maintenance in order to preserve strength, elasticity, and shine. Following these simple guidelines below will put you on your way to a healthy looking head of hair. Read on: Feed your hair “Hair follicles need nutrients just like the rest of your body, and studies show that deficiencies in iron, zinc, copper, and protein can cause hair loss. Therefore improve your diet, by adding foods like eggs, broccoli, spinach, and fish are all good sources of these nutrients. Go for right the hairdo, as with the right cut, you can embrace your destiny. When it’s

August 8th, 2013

Secret to Create Ageless Wonder for Men

Whether you’re more of the “Classic” type or into the latest and trendiest, to look and stay young forever, you need to take extra care of your habits and lifestyle. Read here few suggestions that would help creating ageless wonder. Redefine “exercise” for yourself. Now it doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym four days a week, but yes at the same time, you should not completely skip out on working out! Focus on something you’ll enjoy doing, for example a moderate 30-minute walk, several times a week yields 70 per cent of the benefits of aerobic exercise! So, choose and take your time. Portion control is important to look young forever. It is perhaps one of the

August 8th, 2013

5 Necessary Items for a Guy’s Face

If your morning bathroom routine hasn’t evolved beyond shaving with a disposable razor and washing your face with a grimy bar of soap, it’s the time you must make some modifications to your skincare routine. Need for this urges out  with the demanding nature of both our professional and personal engagements, it is essential for even men to groom well and be presentable throughout. Here our best expert, Dr Sehla Aggrawal Dermatologist and MD of Mehak Cosmetologic Clinic suggest 5 must stock up grooming products for guys. Read and use these daily by giving yourself an extra minute or two in front of the mirror. Men Skin Clearing Wash:  Wake-up and wash daily either using acne face

August 8th, 2013

5 Steps to Wake Up Looking Great

Little inculcations in your daily regime go a long way to add some charm to your personality. There are certain grooming essentials meant specifically for the night time to wake up looking great in the morning. Men its time to pay attention and put your time, effort and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset. Read here four steps to wake up fresh and groomed. Apply lotion before you sleep to let lotion soften wrinkles and reduce dryness. Look for a product with hyaluronic acid, which bonds moisture to skin without leaving it feeling greasy,” says makeup artist and grooming expert Neha Kandpal. Coat your lip with a balm at night to allow your skin to

November 1st, 2012

It’s Time for Guy’s Glam

As the festive mood envelops the air, salons and spas are finding it difficult to deal with increasing number of visitors, that too Male Visitor! Yes, you have read right. Men too have become conscious for their look. Swaraj Singh, a salon spa owner at Lajpat nagar Delhi says that with changing times, looking good is no longer just a woman’s prerogative. “Men have really become aware of their looks and are now consciously indulging in beauty treatments and spa services. Diwali and such festive occasion is a time when even men want to look good. Head and body massages, body exfoliation and pedicures are quite the rage in men these days. So if you are still not up to the trend,

June 12th, 2012

Single Parenting: Can A Dad Really Be A Mom?

Doing some comparative math in the weeks before Father’s Day, a recent study at Fordham University, United States, has calculated that the number of single-father families, around the world, has jumped up to 30-35 percent in the past decade. This declares that single dads are growing 6 percent a year-that’s double the rate for single moms. And this means almost 15 percent of men are running a ‘dad-only household’! But, despite all the facts, a question that pops in the mind immediately is ‘can a dad really be a mom?’ No matter how much you love and care for your bundle of joy, rearing a child is a difficult task under any circumstance and for a man, without a partner, the

May 16th, 2012

Step by Step Guide to Quit Smoking

Quitting is not easy. Ask a smoker. Some quit cold turkey but some struggle through the process. If you too have reached the end of your hope, My Health Guardian comes to your rescue. We give you a concentrated step by step guide to quit smoking. Sounds good, isn’t it? Continue reading…   Our expert, Dr. Sajeela Maini, Quit Smoking Specialist at Ganga Ram helps you through the quit smoking resolution. Step by step guide: Pick a stop date when you are relatively relaxed. Make a list of the reasons why you want to quit. Keep the list handy for easy reminder. Make another list of why quitting won’t be easy for you. Throw away all of your tobacco and tobacco reminders. Get

August 10th, 2011

Three ‘S’ Factors That Can Kill Your Man

Most men manage their health, usually by the dictum, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. This approach puts them on the reactive mode and they have to fight health complications. Before we investigate health complications in men folk, it pays to understand, what’s causing them? Stress causes distress. Stress can affect anyone, but men seem to suffer from it a lot more than women. A little amount of stress is good, because it helps to improve performance. It hurts when it pervades our lives and we start jumping at the slightest provocation. Under stress our bodies release hormones including adrenaline to prepare us for a “fight or flight” response to demanding

October 19th, 2010

Say Cheers!

Inflaming wine, pernicious to mankind, unnerves the limbs, and dulls the noble mind Homer wrote in Illiad in 850 BC Beer or wine—difficult to decide, isn’t it? Beer—the beloved beverage of men is often downed with a twinge of guilt, as wine has a repute of being more heart friendly. Keep reading to dispel myths and unravel facts. Do it like the French In the year 1819 Irish physician Dr. Samuel Black noticed for the first time French paradox, which soared the popularity of red wine. Apparently French have a low risk of coronary heart disease irrespective of their love for cheese. However, red wine is not the magic bullet for disease prevention. Agreed, red wine does have

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