January 14th, 2010

Prepare Your Kid for the Play School

The earlier the things are registered in their minds the longer will they last and be a part of their routine activities. Ways to prepare your child for the new world-Playschool.  Put your child in a play school only after he is past two years of age See that he has up-to-date immunization records before entering the play school. When touring the school take your child along to so that he knows what happens in the class. Explain him what all happens in the school. Visit the school at break-time to show children playing happily outside. Talk about the fun they are having. Read books to him about other play school children. Tell him about his friends and cousins who go to school and the

December 28th, 2009

Keep Your Child Warm

Its winter time and your biggest worry is how to keep your little one unaffected by the bitter cold. Frightful winter temperatures can expose children to fever, cold, frostbite, and other dangerous illnesses. Dressing your children properly and warmly will allow them to play outside, while staying warm and dry and protected from harsh temperatures. Here are a few valuable tips on how to keep your kid warm, without overheating: • Layering is the key, as it provides adequate protection from cold. When taking your child outside in chilled weather, dress him up in multiple light, thin layers, instead of one heavy sweater. But do not over bundle him. The rule of thumb is when dressing your

September 16th, 2009

Baby blues

Nature has its own ways of jolting us out of our comfort zone. Colic is one of them. Almost all babies develop a fussy period. The timing varies, but it usually begins at about three weeks of age and peaks somewhere between four and six weeks of age. For most infants they tend to be, fussier during afternoons and evenings. During an episode of colic babies can cry for longer than three hours a day. Babies may bring their knees up, clench their fists, grimace, hold their breath, and generally be more active. While crying babies gulp in whole lot of air which in turn produces more gas and baby cries more, a vicious cycle. For relieving a colicky baby gently rock the baby, as it helps in

September 11th, 2009

Day care dilemmas

There is no place like home. But for mothers who work day-care is inevitable and so is the dilemma. Dr. Arvind Taneja, consultant paediatrics with Max Healthcare says, “ Depending upon the compulsions of the parent any child older than 3 months can join day care.” When it comes to children we hate to compromise, yet many of us are ignorant of the facts, one should look for while deciding on a day-care. You need not fret because we have brought a checklist for you, which will help you decide on the right day-care. Checklist 1. Go by the word of mouth. While deciding on a day-care, go for one, which is highly recommended. Seek the opinion of other mums. 2. Find out adult to child

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