October 1st, 2012

Fight Against Fear

Fear is a common experience to many children. In fact, most children go through a period in their lives when fears disturb their peace of mind. This happens when their imagination begins to develop, while they don’t yet have the tools with which to neutralize and distinguish between reality and imagination. To understand how to master the impulse and to conquer fears in children, you must first understand the common causes and then call for action to handle it with care. Dr Vandana Tara Consultant Child Psychology at Moolchand the Medcity unravels many facts about fear and also shares 10 techniques to help your child fight fear. Read on… WHAT DO CHILDREN FEAR The objects and

May 24th, 2011

How to Choose Summer Camp

16-year-old Anand Bhaduria has just given his Class X exam and this summer he’ll be going to Jim Corbett to learn how to survive in wilds. Same goes the story of many other kids who have decided to drop down those old parables of visiting relative’s place and are ready to to learn something new! If you too have been hunting high and low and exchanging notes with friends and colleagues on the ‘perfect’ summer camp for your child then continue reading. Priya Singh puts together an assortment of activities that will keep busy tiny-tots to teenaged kids, even adults. Children at Kindergarden Stage and those who have indoor preferences would love to go for pencil shading course,

January 19th, 2010

Depression in Children

Abhyankar Rastogi, 17, qualified grade XI exams in one of the best known schools in Delhi with poor marks. The school decided that he couldn’t study Science any longer and had to move to Commerce or Arts stream, to which Abhyankar, an automobile enthusiast was reluctant to. Moreover, he belonged to the family of toppers. His mother, father and elder sister were all toppers, hence the pressure to perform had compounded on him. Naturally, he slid in depression, stopped eating altogether and would chat for hours on internet when all alone at home to strangers in virtual land, because it was easier to offload your problems to someone whom you didn’t know at all. Fortunately, Rastogis woke

January 11th, 2010

Well-behaved Kids

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance. Franklin P Jones All children have episodes of bad behaviour, some more frequently, severely and others less. It’s just a fact of life! As parents you can’t escape scenarios when your child will act in annoying or hurtful ways and refuse to co-operate with your requests. It’s normal for parents to fly in rage at such instances, but rage does not help, instead complicates the matter further. A good understanding of normal problematic behaviour can help you respond appropriately and more sensitively to your child at a time when she needs you most. There is a growing epidemic of bad manners among school

November 17th, 2009

When Kids Learn to Lie

Parenting is akin to enrolling yourself in a school. Everyday springs new surprises and has lessons to offer, wise parents keep learning and moving on. Often, parents feel shocked when they learn that their otherwise honest and truthful child has begun to experiment with lies. While some lies are innocuous and are products of overactive imagination, there are some, which are spoken intentionally. Now, there is a good and bad news attached to it—the good news is that the child has become grown up enough to tamper with facts to wriggle out of awkward situations like an adult to save his skin and the bad news is that he has learned to lie. ‘Though, Suhana never lied to me’, says Anchal

November 17th, 2009

Size Zero

Weight is definitely a tricky subject. There is a never an ideal weight—either we weigh a pound more or an ounce less from the perfect figure that we aspire to attain. The weight imbroglio has new entrants and they are children—particularly young girls who are becoming obsessed with their reed-thin frame. Shweta Seth, mother of nine-year-old girl quips, “It is hard to raise girls with healthy body image, when media is beaming unrealistic body images all the time. My daughter revels in her petite frame, which has become synonymous with beauty for her”. Shweta is not alone; this tribe of girls is growing. Girls as young as four have deciphered their body image and there is absolute

November 4th, 2009

Why Kids Grow up Fast

Does your kid talk too maturely for her age? If yes, relish the fac,t as it’s normal in big cities but handle its repercussions with care and lend a patient ear to her, irrespective of nature and intensity of topics she is inclined to. Psychologists advise that if someone else becomes her confidant, it might wreck havoc for her personality building. Indian kids are becoming adolescent at the pace at which westernisation is making inroads into little minds. Thanks to the gizmos and easy access to world wide information that they have become accustomed to the complex and enriching life. According to all parameters, they are miles ahead of their earlier generations at the same

September 10th, 2009

Beat bullying

Bullying is a universal phenomenon. No doubt, it hurts. Though years later you may recover from the effects, while you are undergoing it, it makes life difficult and miserable for the victim. Bullying erodes confidence of the victims and when they decide to beat back bullying they can resort to unthinkable means. Newspapers are splashed with children resorting to violence to settle scores and bullying may be somewhere ingrained in the psyches of children who do so. Every day in our schools and communities, children are teased, threatened, or tormented by bullies. A very competitive school environment can contribute to bullying. Decoding bullying There are many different forms of

September 8th, 2009

When Stork Visits Second Time

Expecting second baby is a different kind of experience altogether, but you need to make understand your first born on the nuances of getting a playmate to prepare her in the process. Inner expressions Just like other parents you would ask your little angel, ‘what do you want a brother or a sister?’ But your asking should be ‘Do you want a brother or a sister?’ After the birth of the second baby your first child may experience a range of emotions, from jealousy to excitement and even resentment. · They might suck their thumb · Drink from a bottle · Forget their recent potty training skills · Communicate using baby talk in an effort to get your attention. · Your elder toddler

August 20th, 2009

Beyond words and numbers

If you see your kid doodling, do not fret thinking he is wasting his time when he should be studying. Rather use this act of drawing images while teaching him. And you may find it to be an effective learning sty le of his. Kirti sings the mathematical formulas quietly to herself. Kavisha learns spellings by tapping her pencil in rhythmic patterns. Krish needs to put everything in points in order to cram. Anika draws pictures first and then explains the objects. Raghav puts his own logic to extend his knowledge of simple facts to harder ones. These children naturally express their preferred intelligences as they attempt to master their school assignments Intelligence is the ability to

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