January 5th, 2012

Get Rid of Addiction

Yes, every New Year most of us decide to quit addictions but fail miserably in our resolution. Take a heart because it is quite normal and even the best of us experience us. New Year is a not an appropriate time to set this resolution. The weather is cold and a lot of work that had been on hibernate mode almost for the last whole week of 2011, suddenly springs to life. Naturally, in such scenario your stress levels soar and it’s not apt for the resolution. The Plan 1. Plan a time to quit when you are relatively stress-free. Avoid times like when you are switching jobs, due for appraisals, or are undergoing tension at home, because your urge to grab your smoke or unwind with a drink

September 18th, 2009

Teletubby Kids

Television has stealthily crept in the lives of our children, most of the times with our consent. Young mothers find television as a good babysitter and leave toddlers secure in the company of cartoon network. The vibrant colours and images woos the child soon and before parents realise Cartoon Network rules the family’s telly-viewing decisions. Often kids cajole, throw tantrums, beg, threaten, hide remote to watch their favourite cartoons. Children and adolescents who consistently watch television for two hours or more increase their risk of future long-term health problems, a report in The Lancet claims. Test tube researches conclude that there is a link between excessive television

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