August 16th, 2010

We Feel Blessed

  When things go beyond our control, come some compassionate souls as saviors. Taboo for some but blessing for many, surrogacy is a growing industry in India. I miscarried twice. My first pregnancy ended after just two months. The second seemed more hopeful — despite the bleeding and cramps I managed to carry to eight months, but the day I went to the hospital I was bleeding and cramping. I still remember the agony I was in. But the worst was yet to come in the form of a shock. “Your uterus is not strong enough to carry a baby to full term”, said my gynae. After three years of tests, it became painfully clear that there was little hope of having the child we longed for. We were

April 7th, 2010

Making Lemonades Out of Lemons

What do we do when life throws a challenge to us? Most of us groan and mop asking why me? But there are some who take these challenges as an opportunity and move ahead with grit and determination. One such soul is Rakshit Shetty who challenged his physical handicap. Hats off to his indomitable spirit!   He tells us his journey till now–”I was born on September 1, 1987 and was as normal as any other baby. When I was three months old baby, my mother had high fever. Since she was nursing me, I got the fever too and doctors diagnosed my illness as meningitis fever. The high fever damaged my optic nerve and I lost the ability to see. Doctors accepted defeat before ‘Optic Nerve

January 5th, 2010

TB can Happen to Anyone

28-year-old Minal Verma, working with Indian Bank got infected with tuberculosis. Below she recounts the disbelief, she went through, when she got diagnosed with this infection. There is a stereotype attached to the disease and the diagnosis shattered Minal’s falsely placed beliefs. Read ahead– I never thought that even I could get infected with TB! After all this disease happened to vagrant labourers, people living in slums who were denied access to clean water and hygiene. I was living a comfortable life and generally, I believed that this was enough for me to screen against this contagious disease. From my childhood I had lowered immunity. In fact, the first change of weather and

November 20th, 2009

Out of Reality

Name- Ira Age 26 Illness- Suffered from Schizophrenia Currently- Holds painting exhibitions I had had a chronic paranoid schizophrenia and multiple psychiatric hospitalisations. With the proper and regular medication, and better understanding of the dear ones I could emerge out of it successfully. I was first hospitalised at the age of nineteen, when I attempted suicide by jumping off the terrace, after my boyfriend cheated on me for another girl. I was doomed. I had thought everything was perfect. We went everywhere together, we liked each other a lot. Then why….? Suddenly the child inside me had become silent. My parents’ heart bled seeing me quiet and submissive. I had started

October 19th, 2009

Life Regained

Stroke can create a rippling impact across many lives. But with dedicated support of the family and rehabilitation support programs anyone can live with the long term effects of the stroke and get back to normal life gradually. Name – Mr. Vir Bahadur Kochher Age- 72 Illness- Hypertension with Left Stoke Present Condition- Walks independently Suddenly, on the night of 5th Jan, 2009 I found myself unable to move my right arm and leg besides having difficulty in speaking. The stroke had disabled me on the right side and rendered me weak with low endurance as well. I was devastated as I hated the fact of getting dependent on anyone to perform my daily tasks. It was so distressing.

October 19th, 2009

Successful Micro vascular Surgery Saves a Man’s Hand

At about 8 pm on 20th April, 2009 Brij Mohan‘s hand was severed off his wrist after his hand accidentally came under his sheet-cutting machine. Thanks to his fellow staff and the primary physician who could make to the hospital well in time with the properly preserved severed hand. The operation started within two and a half hour of injury. After surgery lasting for more than 8 hours, Dr Raman Sethi and his team were able to fix the hand, restore circulation as well as repair all the tendons and nerves. Now almost a month has elapsed with good circulation of the replanted hand, it is quite sure that Brij Mohan has got his hand back which, for once, destiny had taken away from him. Dr

October 15th, 2009

It was My Choice

What started as a blissful feeling, ended in a misery Name: Rachita Sahay Age:24 Marital Status: Married Illness: Alcoholic Post recovery: Hates alcohol It was my convocation day. I was in the seventh heaven. I still remember tears rolling down my parent’s cheeks. After all I had brought so much pride to the family by bagging a gold medal in English Honors. “That definitely calls for a toast”, screamed my bosom friend. And we planned a bash at one of the most happening pubs in Delhi. There it all started. Some how I had always wanted to drink. But belonging to an orthodox family I never had the audacity to even touch it. Now I had an excuse. Setting aside my compunction I went

September 23rd, 2009

Lighting up Lives After Life

Abhilasha, a 16 and half month old baby girl became the youngest cadaver organ donor in the country, when her parents decided to donate her kidneys and eyes. Ironically, little Abhilasha was suffering from Bilary Atresia and had come to Apollo hospitals, New Delhi for a liver transplant, which could not be performed due to underlying neurological condition. “Abhilasha and her parents came to us from Bhopal for a liver transplant but a CT scan of her brain revealed that she was suffering with Hydrocephalus. Her neurological condition had to be resolved before a liver transplant could be offered but sadly due to worsening liver function and deterioration in her neurological condition she

September 23rd, 2009

It was not my fault

Name : Jagruti Age : 21 Qualification : MA previous Address : Rape capital-New Delhi Country: India -Where a rape is reported every 30 minutes Illness: Rape trauma syndrome Smile and cheer was what Jagruti used to define herself as before that horrific repulsive act left her lifeless. But she desperately wanted her life back. It took her 3 years of incredible hardships to come out of the mental wreck that she had become. Rape, the farthest thought that could have occurred to me when I left my friend’s apartment around 7.00 pm and hailed a cab at the corner of the road. I gave the driver my home address which was some 7 kilomenters away. Driving some 3 miles I could feel we were in

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