October 20th, 2011

Fix It Before It Breaks

It’s no coincidence that immediately two days after the International Menopause Day (October 18), World Osteoporosis Day (October 20) happens. The two share an intimate link. To begin with, women have lower bone mass than men and they lose bone density during pregnancy and breastfeeding years. Moreover, when they reach menopause (cessation of periods) women lose up to 10% of bone density during the first 5 years. How osteoporosis affects the bones The World Health Organisation (WHO) first technically defined osteoporosis in 1994. It’s an unseen and dangerous process that leaches calcium from our bones, decreasing bone mineral density. It causes back pain as it progresses and,

July 20th, 2011

Foods to Avoid for Good Liver

Eating healthy foods for the liver can improve and support liver function on a daily basis. And having healthy liver will result in greater energy and general well-being. But before knowing which food items proves good, lets concentrate a bit on foods that experts suggest to avoid completely for healthy liver. FOODS TO AVOID completely Avoid foods with high salt, sugar or fat content: cheese, pickles, fast food and processed foods (cookies, cakes, frozen dinners, packaged foods with long shelf lives, instant foods). Any kind of fatty and fried items like French fries, etc.  Maida (refined flour) products like pasta, noodles, cakes, biscuits, burgers Any kind of carbonated drinks Too

November 26th, 2009


  Dr Arpit Jain, Consultant,Internal Medicine, Artemis Health Institute answers I am 24 years old workingwoman. I am having severe migraine. I don’t feel fresh at all. I have experimented all those pain-relieving balms as well painkillers, but to no avail. Please suggest me how I can get rid of such painful condition? There are many medications, which can prevent and also treat the migraine attacks quite effectively. But, before using these, we should be sure whether the cause of your headache is migraine or something else. Therefore, I would advise you to first consult a physician or a neurologist, so that a proper diagnosis can be established, then only a definite line of

November 26th, 2009

Weight Loss

My Health Guardian’s Nutritionist replies I’m 26 years old unmarried female. I have developed paunch on my tummy and feel heavy after dinner. My weight is 60 kg. I work on computer normally 10 hours everyday. Kindly advise me diet chart along with exercise regimen to lose weight. I would like to know your height in order to access your BMI to know whether you fall in over weight, Obese, underweight or normal range .BMI is calculated by wt (kg)/ht 2 .If your BMI is < 20 —–under weight, 20—25——normal, 25—–30 overweight and > 30 obese. If you fall in overweight or obese category then you need to go for Anti obesity diet. To avoid the paunch

October 19th, 2009

Respiratory Health

1. I suffer from asthma but it is under control, so much so that I forget about inhalers. But, my problem exacerbates when I take my annual vacation in the month of July. When I visit a hill station for two days I will be suffering from running nose and will have breathing difficulty. Can you tell me why this happens, and how can I tide over it? Dr. Himanshu Garg, Consultant Respiratory Medicine at Max Hospitals, Saket answers your queries– Answer: Asthma management has two major components relievers and preventers. A good preventive strategy would ensure little need and use of relievers. This however has to be done under strict medical supervision of a physician who would help you

October 19th, 2009

Women’s Health

 Our Nutritionist Advises  on How to Lose Weight   I am 44-year-old  female and I weigh 74 kg.  I have thyroid problem. I don’t eat junk food and eat only simple home cooked food.  My present job involves sitting on desk for long hours.  I have backache and knee problems hence I can’t walk for long. I am unable to reduce the weight. What should I do?  Our Nutritionist Answers For a complete analysis you should have mentioned type of your thyroid concern- hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Moreover, we would also need your height to know your BMI and how much overweight you are for your height.  It is advisable to get your sugar test done.  You seem to be

October 19th, 2009

General Health

  Dr Rajiv Dang, Senior Consultant – Internal Medicine, Max Hospital, Gurgaon answers your queries • I am 30 years old man. When I get up early in the morning I have pain in my left abdomen. Please tell me what should I do? Left abdomen pain could be due to many causes like amoebiasis, renal calculus, some injury etc. But these possibilities should have no predilection for morning hours. You need to see a doctor so that he can conduct a detailed examination and advise accordingly. Can there be any complication in pregnancy if both husband and wife have the same blood group? Same blood group in both the parents should not pose any risk for pregnancy. • I have been using Telma am and

October 19th, 2009

Kids & Teenagers

Dr Arpit Jain, Internal Consultant with Artemis answers My daughter is fourteen-year-old and is regularly suffering from pharyngitis. She has a permanent sore throat. We are little tired of antibiotics and doctors. The condition is not restricted to any season or weather even. Please help us to solve the problem. You have mentioned that your daughter is regularly suffering from pharyngitis. This kind of regularly occurring problem could be allergic in nature. It will be better, if you get the condition evaluated by an ENT specialist, so that her ailment can be properly diagnosed. Dr Rachana Singh, consultant and Lifestyle Management expert with Artemis answers  Can you advise something

October 19th, 2009

Bone Talk

    Dr. Harshvardan Hegde, Heads Orthopaedics and Spine Surgery at Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon answers your queries I’m suffering from excruciating back pains. I’m 16 years old and recently (over the last few months) my back has been in bad shape. I am fine during the morning but my backache haunts me in the evening around 5, especially right at the spine in the middle towards my upper back, just in between my shoulder blades; and the pain is so awful that I can not even sit in a chair or to grab some sleep. Can you give me any information about what I could do to prevent or stop the pain? From the symptoms that you have enlisted above the pain appears to be from the dorsal

October 19th, 2009

Heart Health

  Dr. Madhukar Shahi, Sr. Interventional Cardiologist at Artemis Health Institute, answers I am forty-year-old healthy male who was diagnosed with hypertension one and half year back. Since then I’ve been advised Storvas 10 and Telma AM every morning. I have been on a healthy diet and have lowered my intake of non- veg foods, which includes egg. In the last lipid profile (three months back) my triglycerides were on higher side and HDL was on borderline. My LDL cholesterol is within limits. I started morning walk and also began playing golf. But, my cardiologist says they won’t do me any good, and I should undertake any exercise that will make my heart muscle work harder, so

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