June 28th, 2010

Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Kidneys are bean shaped organs almost the size of a fist and are located on either side of the spine. Every day kidneys process about 200 quarts of blood to sift out about 2 quarts of waste products and extra water. The more obvious and well known role of kidneys is that it helps flush toxins and waste matter from the body through urine. Beyond, the obvious kidneys also help– 1. Influence our blood pressure 2. Stimulate the making of red blood cells 3. Maintain our body’s calcium levels and vitamin D activation 4. Filter blood 7-8 litres of blood get flushed 20 to 25 times by our kidneys. That’s too much of work and we tax our kidneys when we expose it to more of toxins and

September 18th, 2009

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones, medically termed renal calculi, are accumulations of mineral salts that can lodge anywhere along the course of the urinary tract. They can be one of the most painful of all health ailments. For reasons unknown, kidney stones are growing increasingly common than they were at the start of the 20th century. A kidney stone is a hard mass developed form crystals that separate from the urine and build up on the inner surfaces of the kidney. Normally urine contains chemicals that prevent the crystals from forming. These inhibitors do not seem to work for everyone. The most common type of stones is calcium stones in combination with phosphate or oxalate. Other kinds of stones that

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