February 10th, 2012

Fall in Love to Rise in Health

A racing heart beat, with an altered biochemistry within your body are the signs of being in love. Love not only makes you feel calm and secure, but various emerging evidences suggest about the health benefits of love too. On Valentine’s Day read on to find out how your pheromones, hormones, skin, in fact, your overall body respond, when you barter your heart to a loved one. My Health Guardian tells you how love keeps you healthy. Start reading to rise in love… Love gives you a healthy life, how? 1. It protects your heart: Men as well as women who have sex twice or more a week are up to 45% less likely to have a heart attack and stroke than those who have sex once a month or less,

October 13th, 2011

Sex Concerns Whom to Ask

Sex. Is it really on the top of the mind of people? Does it make so much difference after you have crossed those years of haywire hormones? Is it the cement that binds the marriage, or has it been overrated? Are fantasies and masturbation acceptable in a long-term relationship or are they signs that your love life has hit the rocks? So many queries and you don’t know whom to ask. You need not worry, because My Health Guardian has all the answers. You just keep on reading… Let’s begin with fantasies. Somehow in the initial years, fantasies seemed just right. The perfect way to vent your sexual energy, but is it acceptable to fantasize if you are in a steady relationship? Dr

September 21st, 2011

Learn the Basics of Foreplay

Women are from Venus. There everything is sensuous, slow and tactile, whereas, in the world of Martians, things have to be quick and precise. Women on an average take 20 minutes to warm up before the actual act. Since many men are not willing to devote so much of time to get their partner started, it can deprive women of the pleasure of lovemaking and they start thinking that men are only interested in sex. So, the question is how to strike the balance. Guardian Health Chronicle makes an attempt to sharpen your foreplay skills. Keep reading… What men should know Know her erogenous zones. Back of neck, ear lobes, belly button and collar bones are quite sensitive zones for most women.

August 24th, 2011

10 Different Kisses for Different Moods

A quick peck while rushing to work is a brief reminder of love the couple share, a kiss is more complete in nature and is a perfect prelude to the act of love making. However, as we grow older, the ‘real act’ catches attention and somehow, the tender act of kissing gets ignored. Either it is done hurriedly just to grab a session in the sack or completely ignored. And that’s a damn shame because locking lips throughout the sexual experience (and not just at the very beginning of getting busy) can make the pleasure skyrocket considerably. Hence, we’ve mapped out the right methods of 10 different kisses which will surely ignite some fireworks in your passion play. 1 . If you are just

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