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Tell Me Your Dreams

Past_Life_Spiral_22242833Hypnotherapy. You have heard of it, watched it in movies and believe that it can make you confess facts about yourself that you never wanted to. This is far from truth. Archana Darshan speaks to Anita Anand, south Delhi based clinical hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis is no mumbo-jumbo science, neither is it a black magic kind of thing. Rather it is a state of deep relaxation. “In this state, the client’s subconscious mind (which is 88% of the mind) is brought to the fore by the therapist and the conscious mind (12%) recedes”, explains she.

The subconscious mind is the repository of all memories – past and present – that are often painful and traumatic such as fears, anxieties etc, and very often released in the form of dreams. Under hypnosis, clients often see and remember things they have buried deep down, as they are painful. In some ways, it is the body and mind’s mechanism to keep the pain away. Therefore, the painful incidents when brought forth by accessing the subconscious mind release the pain and trauma. And, suggestions to remedy the pain – given by the therapist – are more easily accepted by the mind of the patient. There is a very strong connection between the mind and body.

“Every disease begins with a negative thought”, she emphasizes. When this negativity builds in the mind, it gets transferred to the body. A physical symptom is just that – a symptom. Often treating the symptom helps a client to deal with the real problem. For example, a pain in any part of the body is the cry of the body to be noticed. This could be because we are not eating right, sleeping and resting enough or engaged in negative activities. If this remedy helps us to become aware of this, then the mind will guide us in what we need to do. However, if you choose to not listen to your body, in that case your physical symptoms will continue.

The first patient Dr. Anita Anand saw was a cancer patient who was getting treated at Apollo Hospitals. She has studied hypnotherapy under Dr. Sunny Satin and started her clinic in 2003. Most of her clients visit her once a week.

However, there is a difference between ‘curing’ and ‘healing’. Curing is short term while healing is more long term. “Hypnotherapy, like other alternative therapies, is not about curing. It is about healing, or becoming whole,” she says.

“If you are looking for a magic pill or potion stay away from the therapy”, says she. “And, you have to be serious about healing. If not, therapy will not help you.”

Past life regressions

Since Brian Weiss made the subject popular in his best selling novel Many Lives Many Masters, there has been considerable interest in it. Anand points out, “ Past life regressions allow you to access the pain and trauma felt during those lifetimes.” In fact, most of our current pains and agonies have roots in our past lives. Usha Paul began hypnotherapy sessions out of curiosity. “I was always inclined towards the subject,” she says. The therapy works on your subconscious mind, and as we all know all our problems begin at some level in our minds. “In my hypnotherapy sessions I was able to access my past lives,” adds she. Before you could question, she warns, “Until you have an open mind you can’t believe in hypnotherapy. This means that the therapy is not for you.”
“Believe you me I’ve got rid of migranes and my fear of flying after my sessions of hypnotherapy,” concludes she.

(Article is based on the interview of clinical hypnotherapist Anita Anand. My Health Guardian doesn’t vouch for the scientific authenticity of the treatment.)

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