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Restore Rhythmic Balance of Your Body

craniosacral balancingPain is nature’s way of signaling that something is not right with the body. However, the requests and signals sent by the body are often numbed by analgesics so that we can get on with life. But, hands-on approach like cranio-sacral balancing can bring relief even in ailments to which modern medicine is clueless about.

Surprisingly, exponents of modern Allopathic medicine have become converts to cranio-sacral balancing, relatively new system of pain relief in India. This speaks volumes about the treatment itself. Archana Darshan talks to two such doctors——-

Dr Sandeep Bhasin, is a General and Cosmetic surgeon who has worked with some of the leading hospitals of the country. Modern medicine’s symptomatic relief disinterested him, which led to his discovery of mind-body-medicine. In this discovery he touched different disciplines that emphasize on complete healing inside out, without any side effect and almost at a fraction of the cost.

Dr Bhasin says, “Cranio-sacral balancing is very useful to relieve chronic pain resulting from migraines and low back and chronic injuries. Besides, this gentle non-invasive therapy works in calming down hyperactive children, soothing stress and inducing sleep in insomniacs.” The therapy is pretty popular abroad, but there is fair amount of ignorance and skepticism involved in India. “Normally, my patients are foreigners,” shares he. He tells, “Pain is a manifestation on physical level of emotional turmoil, because cells store memories of pain and cranio-sacral balancing helps in releasing the emotional distress.”

Dr Asha Sapra got disillusioned with Allopathy when it failed to provide answers to her ailments. Each time I got unwell, I would investigate mind-body-medicine and was able to find cure. Naturally, I was hooked and cranio-sacral balancing interested me all the more, because this is a gentle form of therapy and can be used on children as well.

What exactly is cranio-sacral therapy?

Human body recognizes two rhythms—rhythm of breath and heart beat, but there is one more rhythm known as cranio-sacral rhythm. Cranium refers to head and sacrum is the last bone of the spine. From the cranium to the sacrum flows the cerebrospinal fluid, which nourishes the brain as well as the central nervous system. This is the cranio-sacral system: the bones of the skull, the spinal column, the sacrum and soft connective tissue. It has a natural pulsation that can be felt anywhere in the body with practice. The normal rate is 6 to 12 cycles per minute, and remains unaffected by emotions, exercise and so on. This system is intimately connected with our health and well-being. The therapist feels the rhythm at the base of the skull, and then applies pressure—never more than 5 to 6 grams—which stops the pulsation. This forces the fluid to find new paths inside the dural membranes. The body’s inner regulatory mechanism automatically makes necessary adjustments. This is the still point—when the whole system comes to a halt, for seconds or minutes. The experiencer senses this as a state of relaxation or tranquillity. Then, the rhythm starts again.

Diseases dissolve

Cranio-sacral rebalancing corrects the rhythm of the body as a result ankylosing spondylitis, a form of chronic inflammatory arthritis and autoimmune disease, migraines and backaches end. Results of this therapy are visible after two to three sessions, but practitioners recommend it for a minimum of ten sessions. A session can cost you somewhat between Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 but the results will last a lifetime.

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(The story is based on interviews with the practitioners and My Health Guardian doesn’t vouch for authenticity)

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