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Pins and needle therapy


acupunctureFrom being called ‘woo-doo’ doctor to ‘miracle man’, Dr Ravinder Tuli has seen all. When he decided to shun a career in Internal Medicine to pursue Acupuncture in the year 1978, it was considered a strange thing to do in those times. But Dr Tuli, acupuncturist with Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi stuck to his belief and today he thanks God million times for showing him the right direction.

Dr Tuli was dissatisfied with the way modern medicine worked. It only provided symptomatic relief and didn’t rely at all on the internal healing mechanism of the body to overcome ailments. While he was doing his P-G in Internal Medicine at Delhi’s Army Hospital, Research & Referral, in the year 1978, he saw that the Senior Advisor (professor) in Anaesthesiology, after his return from China was doing a project to evaluate the efficacy of acupuncture in chronic backache and bronchial asthma. The professor while his stay in China had utilised the opportunity to learn acupuncture. Dr Tuli observed that people who volunteered for the research with these chronic ailments received great relief. Naturally, he was hooked and wanted to study it in great detail.

But, his faith in acupuncture as a healing therapy in case of emergency situations got reinforced when he had a taste of the therapy himself. It happened while attending a class in a Beijing hospital. Dr Tuli recalled, “As the professor was teaching the class in a garden, I was leaning against a tree. I suddenly found myself breaking into rash, felt choking sensations and collapsed before I could realise any thing. When I regained my consciousness after some time, I found my colleagues dusting off a herd of ants from my body and a few acupuncture needles stung on me! The ants had invaded me from the tree, and before I realised I had developed the life threatening ‘Anaphylactic Shock’ due to the ant bites all over my body.”RKT PHOTO

That day Dr Tuli learned that acupuncture needles could work in emergency situations as well. Today with experience he says that these needles work faster than intravenous drugs in many emergency situations

My first patient

The first patient that Dr Tuli had cured was his own mother. “For 30 long   years I had helplessly watched my mother suffer from psoriasis,” said he. “Today my 85-year-old mother-in-law doesn’t need any medicine,” said he, “though she was a patient of coronary heart disease for 35 years.”

Since then, Dr Tuli has been wielding needles to cure many patients and they are not only related to pain. He informs, “It’s a misconception that acupuncture is best suited for pain relief. It also eliminates the cause of pain from the root to ensure permanent relief. Acupuncture caught the public eye in early 1970s, when the Chinese displayed its effectiveness in conducting major surgeries, without use of any anaesthesia. The efficacy of managing conventionally unmanageable pain with the use of mere needles was very impressive.”

Today, by virtue of infinite scientific evidence in its favour, acupuncture has been given official recognition by World Health Organization and a large number of countries in the world including India. Agreed, its mechanism is not understandable in terms of modern scientific language. A lot of more work is required to further establish its credibility. Still, in well-trained hands acupuncture can provide relief from autoimmune diseases; anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or psychosomatic ailments; diabetes and its various complications, dyslipidemias, uncontrolled hypertension, unstable angina, failed angioplasty or by-pass surgery; hormonal disturbances, infertility, failed IVF, oligospermia: gastrointestinal problems like dyspepsia, acidity, GERD, hiatus hernia, IBS or IBD; and even incurable fever due to viral infections, says he. The list sounds exhaustive but Dr Tuli is quick to add, “Acupuncture is a complete system by itself.” It helps to cure a majority of conventionally chronic ailments, otherwise necessitating life-long medication with progressive deterioration in health.

“However, it’s best practised by a qualified medical doctor as a complement to improve the final outcome of various sicknesses,” cautioned he.

Question mark

In this age and time every qualified doctor is well versed with the ‘sterility’ procedures. Acupuncture doctors use pre-sterilised disposable needles. The needles used are hair fine. Any pain associated with their insertion is more of a myth only in the minds of those who have not undergone this therapy. In fact, the people who receive acupuncture start enjoying it, as it relieves them of their sickness and gives them a sense of unparalleled wellness.

“It was only after learning acupuncture that I became aware of the life force energy on which several healing systems work,” concluded he.

* The story is based on an interview with Dr Ravinder Tuli, acupuncturist with Apollo Hospitals. My Health Guardian doesn’t vouch for the authenticity of this healing system.

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September 26, 2010

my brother had an accident 5 & 1/2 yrs ago in 2005.Since then he is on bed, he lost his sensations below waist and also his powers, he cant hold anything. It is a nerve compression. his right elbow is also dislocated. His improvement is very slow. Can needle therapy help him?

shagun saroha

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