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Lucknow Based Doctor Provides a Ray of Hope for Cancer Patients

Dr HINA FATIMAMany a time when modern medicine fails, alternate therapies provide the ray to hope. Lucknow based Ayurveda doctor Hina Fatima is providing a ray of hope to many cancer patients who have found relief and cure from cancer within their means. But this doctor is averse to any kind of media talk and believes in her work speaking for herself

35-year-old Mohammed Jameel was suffering from Multiple Myeloma when he was presented to King George Medical College Lucknow for investigation and treatment in the year 1993. The patient was given one cycle of chemotherapy but his condition declined after that because of the adverse side effects of chemotherapy and he underwent HUMA therapy for cancer, an Ayurvedic treatment in Lucknow. When Archana Darshan talked to Mohammed Jameel, he was at his shop, tending to his business, like any other normal person. “When I went for HUMA therapy I just couldn’t walk and was bed-ridden,” recalled Jameel and is all praises for Dr Hina Fatima.

Dr Hina Fatima, an Ayurvedic doctor runs her clinic in Hazratganj where many cancer patients have found painless and affordable relief from the symptoms of cancer and have been able to accomplish 5 years to 10 years cancer-free milestones. Dr Hina is a deeply religious person who has immense faith in the power of prayers and had recently returned from Haj. Mostly her patients are based out of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow in particular and are from lower to middle income group. The reasons people have resorted to alternative cancer therapy are: financial problems, palliation (care when cure is not possible) faith and chemoprevention to name a few.

“After the untimely demise of my father Dr S.M Atiq I’m carrying his mantle of cancer-cure,” says she. She along with her colleague Dr Sanjoy Kumar Pal has meticulously compiled evidence regarding the effectiveness of alternative cancer therapy called HUMA.


• HUMA is a poly herbal therapy for cancer treatment. The medicine is derived from several herbs.

• HUMA works by stimulating the immune system of the body. The goal of this therapy is to nourish, restore the balance of body functions and rejuvenate the general health of the body.

• The medicine given in HUMA therapy is in liquid and powder form, which has to be taken twice every day. One drop of medicine has to be poured on a small piece of sugar candy and swallowed with warm water.

• The powdered medicine which is called energy powder has to be taken twice/ once every day.

• Just like homeopathy where you need to avoid certain foods while continuing the treatment in HUMA too, as certain foods are contra-indicated. These foods are—

 Steamed milk
 Boiled rice
 Arhar and Urad dal
 Potatoes
 Tomatoes
 Mangoes
 Watermelons
 Coconut Water
 Bananas

• The treatment costs approximately Rs 1500 to 2000 every month.

How HUMA therapy works?

HUMA therapy offers immuno-stimulatory effect. The advantages of the therapy are that it is well tolerated, cost effective and it can reduce the side effect of the chemotherapy and radio therapy.

Clinical Trials

“There is no randomized clinical trial conducted with HUMA. However, roughly about 500 cancer patients try this therapy every year,” informs Dr Fatima. The medicines made through this therapy are not yet patented, and the society is secretive about these.

Seminars participated

Dr Hina Fatima has participated in national and international seminars to present her therapy. In Lucknow several oncologists refer their patients to us to try HUMA therapy, says she.

As far as advertising is concerned Dr Fatima doesn’t believe in that and the patients come to her purely on referral. “Attending cancer seminars and presenting my findings of HUMA is important for me because until oncologists become aware of this alternative cancer therapy, ordinary people will remain skeptical to it,” concludes she.

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5 Responses

June 6, 2010

my grand maa is about 60 year old she is suffering from cancer in stomach ……….Nani k stomach me pani ban ra hai and its increasing day by day ……………can u suggest and remedy for her ………….an Elopathic doctor is assisting her ……. plz get me the remedy as soon as possible …………….

June 11, 2010

You can talk to Dr Hina Fatima. Her number is 09335922314

Hope your nani gets well soon.

June 13, 2010

hello and Asalam-o-Alaikum,
i am working in social sector organization, that is Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal in sindh. District Officer is my post…our department works on poor deserving/destitute/orphan person/patient..
in this connection we spent 3lac maximum per patient ..on critical disease….
i need ur assistance……about cancer patients..
plz send ur e.mail address so that i can keep in touch with u……… thnx

February 12, 2012

mere pitaji ko ahar naal me cancer hai unki umra 70 year hai

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