Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Healing Strokes

Yogini Murudeshwar is no ordinary painter. This Mumbai based attractive lady in her thirties, helps us heal through life’s rough patches through her paintings. Her paintings work on the body’s chakras. She believes that each chakra (or area representing various body parts) has its own colour and frequency and ailments of all nature and form, represent misalignment of chakra. Her paintings help you correct that misalignment, if you meditate on it, and your outlook to life changes.

In an exclusive email interview with My Health Guardian Yogini talks about her transition from a banker to a painter who heals through her paintings.

MY HEALTH GUARDIAN : What motivated you so much that you left your career as a banker to pick up art and that too as an ally in healing people?


Yogini Murudeshwar

Yogini Murudeshwar


Nothing really motivated me in the regular sense, I guess…. I would rather like to term it as calling of the soul…like a mission that had to be fulfilled in this lifetime. I was a banker with HSBC when I started feeling a desperate need to paint. I had never been to an art school and I had no clue what I was supposed to do. The only thing I knew was that I simply had to paint and that too full time, and not as a hobby. At that time, I never thought that my paintings would act as a healing medium, and I couldn’t even believe that even art could be used as a medium to heal. I resigned from my job against everyone’s wishes. The first painting I made was of Shiva, and I showed my work to a healing institute, which I had come across through a common friend and my painting evoked different interpretations to different people. I got positive feedback from everyone who viewed my painting, as how it helped them be more at peace. Meanwhile, I myself noticed positive change in me, as I painted Shiva. There was a change creeping in my perspective towards life. As my perspective towards life improved, my life became more sorted and I was more at peace with myself. That’s when it struck me that a painting can be used as a healing medium.

MY HEALTH GUARDIAN: For how long have you been practicing art for healing?

Yogini: For the last five years, I have been doing this.

MY HEALTH GUARDIAN: Being a banker where does your knowledge of auras come from?

Yogini : As I quit my job I came across an institute called where I got introduced to the concepts of aura as a medium of healing. They would conduct workshops on hypnotherapy and aura healing but I studied the concept in detail and meditated a lot to get my facts right.

MY HEALTH GUARDIAN: How do you decide which painting will help a person?

Yogini: I don’t decide this, Universe does. When I get a request to paint, I first meditate on the name of the person for whom the painting has to be made. When I get a ‘go ahead’ from the Universe to paint, only then I pick up my paint brush. The content of the painting too is decided through intuitive meditation. Most importantly, I would like to add here that my paintings do not bring miracles. If you’re keen to win a lottery, the painting won’t help you win that. What the painting does, when you meditate on it, is that it helps alter your perspective towards life and you begin to view it as ‘half full’ which brings a change in your attitude from where solutions to all problems emerge.

MY HEALTH GUARDIAN : Why are you media shy?

Yogini: I am not media shy. I do my work truthfully and the ‘marketing’ is left to the Universe.

Text: Archana Darshan

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