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Dendritic Cell Therapy

Mrs. ArunaDendritic therapy uses the body’s own defense mechanism to heal cancer. It is non- invasive, with negligible adverse effects, and targets immune system.
In the year 2007 Ghaziabad resident Aruna Tyagi, 44 was told that she has numbered days before her. She had developed malignant lesion in her chest wall and had been operated for that. She was advised chemotherapy but her cancer was spreading very fast. In the past 18 months, she had been operated thrice for removing malignant tumors had received sessions of chemotherapy and radiation and had again suffered from relapse of cancer. After her third operation in the year 2007, instead of chemotherapy, she went for Dendritic Cell (DC) therapy and proving her doctors wrong, she has recovered from cancer. When she was scanned after two years of receiving DC therapy in the year 2009, there were no signs of active lesions in her body. Dendritic Cell therapy helped her recover and when we contacted her, she said, “I would recommend this therapy to anyone who is suffering from cancer, because unlike chemo there are no side effects. (at least I didn’t have any)”
Intrigued! Want to know more about what’s DC therapy? Minoo Verma tells all…..
We always knew that the immune system fights infectious diseases caused by such foreign agents as bacteria and viruses. More recently, we have learned that the immune system may as well play a pivotal role in defending the body against cancer and in eliminating the cancer that has already developed. Human body is composed of cells. Each cell has its own genetic material or DNA.
In a healthy body cells behave in a regular pattern for multiplication, so as to grow and repair damaged tissues and replace dying cells. If this pattern goes awry, it results in uncontrolled multiplication of cells, eventually forming a tumor.
Dr. S.V.S Deo, Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology with AIIMS shares, “All cancer cells have two things in common. They grow uncontrollably and they and have the ability to spread and invade other tissues.” There are about 200 different types of cancer affecting all the different body tissues.
In cancer, the immune system fails; cells of the immune system fail to recognize the cancer cells. The immune system doesn’t “see” tumors as dangerous or foreign, and doesn’t mount a strong attack against them. Another reason why tumors may not stimulate an immune response is that the cancer cells develop ways to escape the immune system.

Seven classic early warning signs of cancer—CAUTION
 C-Change in bowel or bladder habits
 A-A sore that does not heal
 U-Unusual bleeding or discharge from any body orifice
 T-Thickening or lump in breast or elsewhere
 I-Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing
 O-Obvious change in a wart or mole
 N-Nagging cough or hoarseness

Offence is the best defence
Dendritic cells are blood cells present in every person’s bloodstream. They function as an immune cell but are present in small numbers. They identify cancer cells, process them into bits, and jumpstart the immune response by bringing the foreign substance to the attention of the rest of the immune system (T cells). The activated immune system is then able to circulate throughout the body and destroy the cancer cells.
“In Dendritic Cell therapy, patients own immature dendritic cells or CD 14 cells are taken out (with just 25 ml of blood) and transformed into mature dendritic cells according to the type of cancer the patient is suffering from. The process is done artificially in a lab and after 8 days of culture, the cells turn mature and are re-infused in the patient,” explains Dr Jamal Khan, Director, Institute of Cellular Therapies. The process that has to be done in the body is now being done artificially in the lab with the help of various chemical substances and a clean room environment. The proces is known as ex-vivo technology. After 8 days of culture, the cells are reinfused to the patient when they mature.Mononuclear (CD14+) cells are extracted from the patient’s peripheral blood. These cells are cultured, exposed to maturation stimuli and then re-infused into the same patient on the 8th day of blood collection.
DC therapy can be tried on solid tumors mainly, including cancers of the bladder, bone, brain, breast, head & neck, gallbladder, kidney, liver, lung, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, stomach, and testicular.

Dendritic cell therapy is a good and safe option for cancer patients. It works best when the patient has been treated with conventional therapy like surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The therapy works as an adjunct to conventional therapy because it works best when there is zero or minimal tumor load on the body, informs Dr Khan.

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3 Responses

March 8, 2012

my brother is suffering from severe cancer and its is his last stage,he has cancer in his mouth and at dis moment it has spread all over his body which includes kidneys,lungs and i want to knoe will this dendritic cell therapy give any benefit to my brother..plz help me as soon as possible..

April 22, 2012

Hellow Doctor,
My brother has colon cancer an year ago. Now the doctor said it affected the liver.
How we can treat with dendritic cell therapy.

We are staying kerala state. Is there is any branch or something at kerala?
Please tell us.
Waiting for your earliest reply

thank you,


April 25, 2012

There is a branch in Kerala. The details are as follows:




Cell Therapy Clinic

J 3 Sector 41

Noida 201303

UP India

Tel: 91 120 2500111/95, Fax: 91 120 4317902


Kochi (Kerala) Office

Wellness Solutions

Therayil Building, Maradu P.O., Kundanoor

Kochi – 682 304, Kerala, India

Phone +91 484 6469968



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