Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

13 Steps to Stay Healthy in 2013

A new year means a new start. The plan is that you stay healthy and bubbling with energy throughout the year and this can be achieved if you stick to our plan. We aren’t asking much, just 13 healthy habits for a healthy 2013. Stick on it and see how different this year will be from so many years that you’ve lived.
1. Get up 10 minutes early and stretch, meditate or just sit still with a smile or go for a small exercise. Most of us begin our day groggily fumbling for the alarm clock as it goes off. Just wake up ten minutes early and do as we say. You will have a better start to the day and you’ll feel more in control, more organized, escape traffic by ten minutes and reach office early, will be able to leave early and will have better work-life balance.
2. Wash down a warm glass of water spiked with lemon juice sip by sip in the morning. This will help you stave off dehydration and keep you hydrated which means a better start of the day. Moreover warm water with lemon juice detoxifies your system. This means that there is less load on your liver which means that you’re healthier and happier.
3. Eat breakfast. You must have heard hundred reasons to eat it and have hundred excuses to skip it. What we’re going to tell is just that eat breakfast because your body needs fuel to work efficiently and to stay calm during hours of stress and if you do that you might work smarter and will get that promotion you had been eyeing for so long.
4. Take water breaks at work, instead of tea-breaks, and while you are at it, do deep breathe. You will deflate tension, hydrate your system and when you do both your immunity receives a boost which means less of sick leaves. Accumulate those leaves and enjoy your vacation at the year end.
5. How about a multivitamin? May be you are skeptical about it, but give it a try for a month. Users claim enhanced immunity and better health with multivitamins. Better safe than sorry!
6. Keep your weight in check. Added pounds mean added health risks–especially if these pounds fall around your middle.
7. Shake your salt habit. Overdoing it on sodium can lead to high blood pressure in some women, which in turn raises risk of heart disease and stroke. The recommended daily intake is 1,500 milligrams, but you can get less!
8. Kick the butt. A cigarette is not a cool accessory–it’s the leading cause of cancer deaths in both men and women.
9. Connect with friends and family members real time. The online world has taken all of us within its fold.
10. Cultivate a hobby. And if you can’t spend time with children. We have learned to take ourselves too seriously. The fact is that no one else does. When you spend time with children you realize that life is all about moments and you got to go with the flow.
11. Get those seven hours of shut eye. Why? It helps you eliminate wrinkles, look young, stay calm and organized and most importantly enhances your quality of life. Have you ever had a look at a mom who has a newborn? She looks so sleep-starved. She has a reason to be that, you don’t, so cut your net time, TV time, unnecessary coffee time to get those eight-hours of sleep.
12. Schedule sex. Once upon a time it happened spontaneously, but as life got busier you got to schedule it and for this you’ve to learn to switch off. In pre-Blackberry days, there used to be work-life divide, which has now got blurred. There is a constant desire to check emails and to respond them, the moment they reach our inbox, which never allows you to switch off. Switch off and put those hours to good use.
13. Learn to accept your body. Embrace your best qualities. Physicians, psychotherapists and sex therapists have all found that a poor body image has negative effects on health and may lead to anxiety, depression, eating disorders and decreased sexual function.

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