Protect Your Heart
Posted 6 years ago

To get rid of those ghastly-looking dark circles grate some raw potato and soak cotton ball in the potato juice and place these cotton balls on your eyes for 10…

Ban Those Dark Circles Naturally
Avoid Skin Sins
Posted 6 years ago

Prickly heat goes away on its own with a small dose of TLC. Baby the area a bit where the rash has developed with cool compresses like ice cubes, which…

Handle Prickly Heat Ayurveda Way
Be Aware of Junk Food
Posted 6 years ago

Breathing with your stomach can help reduce weight among many other advantages. Correct breathing - by inhaling through your belly - helps increase metabolism as well. And increased metabolism means…

Breathe Right to Feel Light
Get Your Morning Cuppa Right
Posted 6 years ago

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. Be it any season, if you must step out between 9 am - 3 pm, then sunscreen is a must. Coffee causes dehydration…

Make Your Skin Glow in Summer
Kick Start Your Health
Posted 6 years ago

Guzzling down water, fresh vegetable and fruit juices is a natural way of detoxifying your body. A dose of H2O, fresh coconut water, bottle gourd juice, green tea mantra and…

Just Chill in Summer
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Eat Fabulous for Glowing Skin

LOOKS DON’T LIE. Your skin, in fact, says much more about you than just how beautiful you are. Clear, radiant skin reflects the status of your health. Similarly, sallow, blemished skin indicates that you are not able to detox your body. If you are eager to zap spots, banish blemishes and wish to get a flawless skin, continue reading. Dryness, oiliness, pimples, bumps, dermatitis, blotchy skin, large facial pores, brown spots, wrinkles, collagen loss–all of these conditions can be managed, treated, and controlled with diet and proper nutrition tells Dr Sheilly Kapoor consultant dermatology at Medanta the Medicity. Learn How Diet Improves Your Look Diet is the fastest way to change your

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Treat Your Teeth Graciously During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when you need to emphasize on oral health and there are certain reasons for doing it. Toothache is one of the most excruciating pains in the world. Regular visit to dentist can help you evade it. Read here more on it with Priya Singh…. Most of the time women who are pregnant experience nausea and vomiting which adds to the bacterium that accumulates on teeth. Also, pregnancy is a time when many hormonal changes take place in a woman’s body including her mouth. In certain cases, this can increase the risk of developing red, swollen or bleeding gums, commonly referred to as pregnancy gingivitis. If untreated, this condition could lead to the more severe gum

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Explore 9 Steps to Whiten Your Smile

Stained teeth add years to your face. Get your teeth pearly whites by following the below mentioned tips and tools and as an added bonus point smile with greater confidence.  Now read the tips to shine like never before. 9 ways to care for your teeth and whiten your smile Try not to snack between the meals and drink lots of water. Give 2-3 hours gap between meals so that acid level in mouth comes down and gives a chance for saliva to counteract effect of acid and repair enamel. Do not have junk food, aerated drinks. The high sugar content of junk food washes away the protective enamel layer of the teeth leading to corrosive cavities. So better eat raw food like fresh fruits and raw

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Brace it Before it Break: Facts about Dental Braces

A close friend of mine got braces installed in her late thirties. Then onwards, I have seen her struggle with her braces almost every day for the last six months. She has visited her orthodontist so many times in these months and paid through her nose for each, has borne lot of pain, has done dental acrobatics to fish out food particles from her mouth and is continuing with it because she wants a just perfect smile. From her, I learnt that braces need to be worn for as long as a year or a year and a half. Who says you need bravery only for cosmetic surgery? Her experience prompted me to do a feature on dental braces, because like most of us, I too believed that dental braces are only for

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Control Childhood Obesity

You don’t need a survey to track the rise in obesity among children. Only a visit to your kid’s school will be more than enough to get a clear picture. Children are becoming extra large these days! And the experts blame the marketing muscle exercised by fast food chains and quick serve restaurants for this. There is also a greater likelihood for plump kids to grow in overweight teens and finally as obese adults. Hence, it becomes imperative to curb childhood obesity. Dr Atul Peters, Director, Institute of Bariatric, Metabolic & Minimal Access Surgery, Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi tells you all about this dreadful disease that is complicating the young lives today.

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